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Re: Financial situation
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 20 November 2011
In Response To: Financial situation (Thaiba)

Namaste Thaiba

Thank you for your question. However, in the first instance, may I explain a little about my work as a spiritual medium? Spiritual mediums use a divine gift to interact with people who have moved into light, allowing the transfer of messages of comfort and assurance and articulating spiritual information for the benefit of humanity. Unfortunately, we do not possess the gift of prediction or future telling. Yes, we get glimpses. Nevertheless, this is not the main fabric of our gift, though nowadays there appears to be a great desire by some people to be all things to all people! Perhaps these new protagonists are lured by the material desire of fame, fortune and self-want.

With thought and contemplation on your question, it appears you are going through a very difficult and testing period of your life. The movement of life is like a river. Sometimes water flows slowly, giving tranquillity calm and still, whilst at other times swift and fast flowing. Rapids and undercurrents, hazards and torrents are all part of the movement of a river, an analogy of the mechanism of this life. Materialism and the fast movement of today are a reflection of shallowness, greed and want. Yes, we all wish for better things! But the balance of life ebbs and flows like the great seas and oceans of the world.

My thoughts are with you in this difficult and changing period of your life. Yet, things will change open and the clouds you are under will disperse to bring brighter days of peace and happiness. Perhaps a little meditation will help you to release the tension that surrounds you; movement will soon open new horizons and stability. Change is the key to unlock you difficulties. Within your question you mention being unlucky! Perhaps a reflective thought on your own spiritual teachings. Most Indian and Eastern religions speak of 'Karma and Reincarnation'. A thought on why you are here at this point in time may rekindle your early spiritual teachings and support your own understanding of life. Unlucky, perhaps we all are? Even the rich and famous have not found the 'golden-key' to happiness. Perhaps, you could gain insight from the important principles of Buddhism the Four Noble Truths in the Dharmacakra Pravartana Sūtra. The Four Noble Truths are as follows:

1. Suffering does exist

2. Suffering arises from attachment to desires

3. Suffering ceases when attachment to desire ceases

4. Freedom from suffering is possible by practicing the eightfold path.

You may believe in Karma. I do. Yet, I am sure your life will improve with positive thought and by gaining peace within yourself. Material is temporary, spirituality is eternal.

In Light and Eternal Growth


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