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Re: my father
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 20 November 2011
In Response To: my father (elaine)

Dear Elaine

When I receive enquiries similar to yours I like to take time, and give depth of thought to my answer. Questions like yours, infer content which is emotional and poignant, necessitating understanding, comfort, and support. Because of this, I have tried to relate to a parallel at the latter period of my own father's life. Incidentally, my father suffered with the same physical disease you attribute with your own father's illness

Every one of us, during the concluding days of our physical life, has to face and come to terms with many things. We face up to and confront our mortality. In short, we meet head-on the inevitability of our mortal existence. Some people find this easier than others; they may be more spiritually aware, have their own inner-peace, or possess great faith, or religious belief. Others are lost, alone and see physical death as a crevasse, or dark-abyss of fear, trepidation and anguish. A vast majority of people face the final period of this life alone, in pain, solace and through lack of knowledge - fear. Yet, all trepidation is gone, in one singular moment. At the point of physical death, when we take the smallest of steps, out into the 'garden of eternity' - just a breath away..................

When I look back in time, I am fully aware of changes within the personality of my father, during the final period of his physical life. The doubts and fears we have were etched upon his mind and he reacted in a different manner than he had before. I would suspect this is comparable to your own father. Now, I think back at this period of time from a different perspective. My spiritual knowledge has developed, giving me a clearer insight into the emotions of a person looking into the mirror-reflection of their mortality. Without doubt this comprehension allows me to gain understanding of the situation from a wider perspective. Because of this, and spiritual acceptance, I am of the opinion the words you write are an expression of the closeness you had and still have, with your father. I am sure he meant no harm to you, and the bond of love, though tested, will survive because of one thing: love! Often words are said to close loved ones in haste, or because of situations prevalent at certain times within our lives. But love is the light and bond that holds you together, now and forever more.

Please try to understand the words spoken in anger were only a cry for help and support. Now, he has moved out through the 'Golden Dawn'; into the celestial setting of the great 'World of Light and Peace'. To be met by others he has known and loved who supported his movement from one-energy source, and into another.

Once we have taken off the shackles of our physical bodies, we all dwell in peace and harmony. With anyone like your father, they reflect upon their lives whilst here in earth.

In Canada and the United States of America there is a celebration every year called "Thanksgiving". May I suggest you try to look upon your father's life with the same celebration? Open your mind to the good days, times when you were happy. Allow positivity to flow through the happy memories held within your heart. The bridge between the two-worlds is 'love' and love never dies and interlinks through its own connectivity. Thoughts are living things. Positivity and feelings bring the bond of love together. Take the joyous, happy memories and cast away the sadness you speak about, allow recollection of the good times; the blending of togetherness will open again like a flower, revitalised by fresh water and care.

You mention the word 'curse'. Without a shadow of doubt, I am of the opinion your father has 'not' placed a curse upon you. This word is used by people who have little knowledge of the truths of spirituality. If one opens the faculty of the 'mind' and embraces light, you will become aware curses and darkness are only attributed to those who allow themselves to dwell in shadows. People who lack the simplicity of knowledge soon realise that nothing can or will harm you. Light prevails; we should accept the movement of life's purpose and individual growth, coupled to the furtherance of one's spiritual attainment. My spiritual teacher would say: "Don't stay in the lowlands of ignorance where only fools and monkeys chatter and dwell" - this means acceptance of life, gain knowledge, move forward and build your life on spiritual truths. Curses, or those who profess to be able to inflict them, are people who use lack of knowledge to extract their own pleasure, or seek fear, as a way to gain supremacy, or power. To the enlightened person they have no influence or control at all.

In conclusion I would suggest you think about the good times past, present and for the future. Realisation occurs to all who wait, clarify is absolute when we cross the small divide to meet again our loved ones in the Summerland of peace and tranquilly.

I have copied below a small poem received by my Spiritual Teacher and Mentor Jack Corbett passed to him from my farther (in-spirit). My father was no poet, like you and I an ordinary man, but one having passed into light has furthered his spiritual capacity in the realms of eternity - I hope it helps you.............

Grieve not for me!

Grieve not for me, with sadness and with tears

Think not of death, with sorrow, or with fears

For I am so near, that every tear you shed

Touches, and hurts me, if you think me dead

But when you laugh and sing with great delight

My soul is lifted, out into the light

So laugh and be glad, for all that life is giving

And I though to some dead, will still share your joy of living.

Received by Jack Corbett of Leicester 1910 - 1991 in 1982

From Ernest John Wakeling (In-Spirit)

With showers of light and hope


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