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Re: the 3rd child?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 14 November 2011
In Response To: the 3rd child? (Shannon Smith)

Dear Shannon

Thank you for your question asking about a third child. I am sensitive of the conscious of your question, and the situation you mention. However, this particular query is not within the framework of my spiritual work. I answer all questions from a literal perspective, taking care not to fall into the trap of fortune-telling, or allowing my thoughts to overshadow, or cloud the issues.

Taking on-board this point, your description of past scenarios is intriguing to say the least. Many people have intuition, extrasensory awareness, or are conscious of the communication from people of all ages that interact with their sensory faculties. This gateway of the spiritual senses is a wholly natural channel, where it is possible for information to interact between people in both worlds. One may ascertain this is what has happened to you. Nonetheless, this may, or may not, be a spiritual communication. Often our own desires cloud issues and our inner-emotions may block, or obscure our judgement. There are obviously two scenarios. Taking away emotional aspects of your question, it appears you are longing for another child. There is a ‘great-plan’, one which is not always obvious to us, but a great-plan nonetheless. I believe nothing happens by chance. If something is going to transpire, it will............ It is a natural law of life, where the process of cause and effect comes into play.

I believe your age is nothing to do with the situation you describe. My simple advice is to try to be at ease with your emotions, let life take its due and natural course. Personally I hope your dreams come to fruition, a happy loving family is every child’s wish in this life. Sadly this is not always the case. So, with your hopes, may your wishes become a reality for all of those concerned?

With thoughts of peace and light


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