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Re: Have I been here before?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 8 November 2011
In Response To: Have I been here before? (Julia)

Hello Julia

Thank you for your interesting question about life in the Tudor period of English history.

There are many people who have similar connections to precise times in history. I come from a school of thought which believes in reincarnation. A standard characteristic is the ability to recognise certain places and specific details. Some people would have recollection of more than one link to the past; others are sensitive to names, language, writing and religious doctrines. One would suggest that life is a mechanism which allows for growth through change and opportunities, some good, others not so good.

I have been to Hampton Court many years ago, sadly whilst I was working. Unlike you I felt no connection, however, this period of time stimulates a lot of individuals. It would appear your sensory capacity is strong and indicative of a connection during this period of time

When I hear the work ‘reincarnation’ I find it often misinterpreted and over used. The ancient Greek’s would use the terminology palingenesis meaning ‘to be born again’. The celebrated teachings of ‘Silver Birch’ touch upon this subject in great depth. Silver Birch’s thoughts are that reincarnation is “the exception, and not the rule”. This means that life and its fulfilment is not just a revolving-door. The essence of life is multi-dimensional. The purposes of our individual lives are part of a collective, essential for the growth and development of humanity. Logic states you have to be in this life to gain knowledge, to build you personality, individuality and open your spiritual aptitude through the lessons of matter. This ‘World of Earth’ is the schoolhouse of learning.

You mention the word ‘third-eye’. The expression gives a singular perspective of the faculty of the mind, which works at numerous levels, and extends it sensory ability to all of the five senses. Ultimately this extension of senses is described as ‘the sixth-sense’. Taking this point, may I suggest you open your mind? Extend your vibrations to embrace your own visualisation. A sign you asked? Yes, I would think so!

Regarding who or what you were in a past life, this is not is a question I can answer. I would propose you seek out the answer for yourself. May I suggest you look into past life regression with a qualified person? Be aware, there are many who are not qualified to use this specialism; their aim is to boost either their income or ego. Be cautious, use common-sense, there are many charlatans out there. Ask yourself, ask your companions in the world of light. If you receive information, either when awake or in sleep, then you know you are right in your belief.

From a personal point of view, I am more concerned about today and the future. However, my past life recollections are not quite so good, slave trade from the Republic of Mali and the street of London in Charles Dickens times, was little grimmer. Reincarnation is however always a good topic for debate.

I will you success in your endeavours and understanding

Showers of Light and Blessings


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