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Re: Dream or not
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 5 November 2011
In Response To: Dream or not (christopher)

Hi Christopher

Further to your question about dreaming or reality; you mention not sleeping well at night and a dark figure about you.

Often there is confusion over the simplicity of dreams and movement out of the physical body, whilst we are in a state of sleep. May explain a little more? Some people think we move out of this body and into the world of light as if we were attached to an elastic band. Yes, the reality is we do move between worlds, but not every time we fall asleep. It is through the landscape of our dreams, where we interact with those who are but a heartbeat away. There is a reason for all things and logic is a natural law, and always applies. Understanding of the interaction of the ‘Spheres’ may help you. In simple terms, there is this world of ‘Earth’ and the ‘World of Light’; between is a place referred to as ‘Astral’. Astral is described as the anti-room of the spirit world, a buffer, or transitional world. Generally speaking, within the scenery of our dreams, we interact with people on the Astral Plane, exchanging ideas, thoughts, guidance and sometimes grasping forewarning of important events which are to happen in this world.

Taking into account the previous paragraph, it would appear there are many things going on, or around, your life at this point in time. Regarding the dark figure you saw above you, it would probably be a thought transfer, brought upon through lack of knowledge. Alternatively, it may have been because of a slight jolt in the bringing together of the alignment in spirit, soul and body. When I hear people mention darkness and words like ‘paranormal’ I have concern for their understanding of true spiritual comprehension. Fear through lack of knowledge holds people back from grasping spiritual realisation. I would suggest this is the cause of the dark figure. Open your mind to light and you will move forward.

Regarding the content of your dream, this is your own personal circumstance and yours alone. Intimate relationships are ‘affairs of the heart’ – physically stimulated, one would presume? If this is the case, it is a point appertaining to this life. I am sad to say in the great ‘World of Light and Peace’ there is no need for the type of physical relationship you infer in your wording. You could, I suppose. Nonetheless, there would be no point; the objective of physical union is for the purpose of creating our earthly body, not our spiritual one. So, this aspect you describe is a ‘dream’! If this is your desire, I hope it turns into a reality and gives you earthly happiness. My conclusion is simple. Grasp the thinking within your dreams, between spiritual and physical; learn to leave the desires of the body in this world where they belong.

In spiritual attainment and understanding



We all know that in this life and the next, nothing is simple. All of our dreams are easily influenced by factors in your life and spirit, and these influences produce categories that are boundless. We do generally catalogue them in terms similar to visionary, general, predictive, standard, physical and nightmarish etcetera. We can evaluate each on their own merits, in order to gain benefit from them.

PS If you wish more information on ‘Dreams’ please look at my website under ‘Spiritual Articles’: The Process of Dreaming (spiritualist medium’s perspective)

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