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Re: Is this how it starts ?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 27 October 2011
In Response To: Is this how it starts ? (Marlena)

Hello Marlena

My initial thoughts are you need to grasp spiritual understanding, which will allow you to build knowledge and attunement. Please, may I explain? I am sorry to hear of your near-sightedness, but this is a physical matter appertaining to the earthly body. It may be you have need of clarification of the interaction between the spiritual and the material. You speak of the Aura. I assume you are refereeing to the ‘Physical Aura’, because there are four separate aspects of the ‘Auric Field’s’, which all interact with each other. Theses ‘Auric Fields’ are Physical, Mental, Etheric and the Spiritual Aura.

Please let me explain a little more about the Aura. “The ‘Aura’ is an electro-magnetic force field, which surrounds all living things and responds to illness, tension, emotions, mentality, individuality and spiritual growth. The aura is a living testimony of the life we have lead, but does not foretell the future and is purely a diary of an individual’s life, up until a specific or particular moment in a person’s physical life”. For more information please look at my website www.stephenwakeling.com.

Taking this information into account, the Aura cannot give you a migraine, the Aura is spiritual, and the migraine is a physical condition. You mention taking off your glasses. When we see the form of spirit, whether objective (clear) or subjective through the (mind’s eye), the visualisation is through our own divine gift and spiritual capacity. The smell you mention: it is no more than your ability to sense and recognise other sensory element of your spirituality; you are simply becoming more sensitive to conditions outside of the physical.

I have had migraines in the past; part of easing them is to lie down. This you also mention, in relation to meditation. Again a simple answer, perhaps those in ‘light’ are trying to pass you a simple message – relax and meditate. You speak of your sight being a little blurred, nothing to worry about, all of us only see in part, it takes years for the vision to be refined and wholly clear.

I might suggest you seek a spiritually developed teacher who can support your awareness of spiritual matters. It is at this point, when you need to gain balance to unfold the latent gifts you possess; this is where you need patience, and more patience. Please try to remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day!

You mention watching television programmes about the afterlife and getting goose-bumps from head to toe. Today, there is too much talk about the paranormal, ghosts, spooks and things that go bump in the night. All twaddle to me and contributes to lack of spiritual knowledge, fear and darkness. Why dwell in the lowlands of ignorance and superstition where only fools and monkeys dwell? Move out into ‘light’ and you will meet a society of enlightened people free from the limitations of the physical, who will lift your heart and spirit in eternal bliss and happiness. Well, I know which option I prefer. But the choice for others is theirs and theirs alone!

You refer to medical terminology regarding MS, Lupus and glaucoma. I am sorry; I can give you no answer, I am not medically trained or qualified, so can't give any answer. Yet, with the spiritual reference, may I reiterate again my suggestion? Seek spiritual unfoldement from a person who has the ability to teach matters appertaining to spirituality. Grasp the value of common-sense in matters of enlightenment, knowledge and spiritual unfoldement and work in light!

In thoughts of harmony and peace

In Light and Understanding


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