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Re: I am the lost soul on this earth
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 27 October 2011
In Response To: I am the lost soul on this earth (Marika)

Hello Marika

Thank you for your correspondence.

It would appear from your words your life in not in harmony, and in a state of imbalance. Often I receive similar questions, yet the only thing you need to do is to take a step back and look at the situation in a positive and objective way. Try to remove negatives, look for the positive things within your life. It is easy for us all to make assertions, and finishing up casting blame, often towards others about the situations we appear to be held within. This is a retrograde step, because to gain balance, we all need to realise why we are in this physical ‘World of Earth’, and where we are, at this point in time. If the situation is not within your own desires, it is best to move towards those who work in concord with your inner and spiritual aspirations. We should look at a natural law, in both this life and the one in the realms of eternity. The rule is: ‘like attracts like’, so do not get drawn into the energy fields of those who are not compatible with your own wishes and needs.

You mention being cursed. The word ‘cursed’ is a term one should move away from. Why you may ask? Simply because the thought of being cursed fills the minds of those who have little, or no knowledge of spiritual matters. Be strong in mind, body and spirit; the implications of people who cast spells and give curses are restricted to individuals who allow negativity into their minds. Move forward, because there is ‘no’ energy that can destroy you, apart from old wives tales, superstition and erroneous tales, which are best left in story books and tired old horror films.

Money may appear to hold you back, yet money is not the key to happiness. Other people cannot hold you back, unless you allow them to. Strength of thoughts and deeds will open up light, and courage will move you forward, once you take the first few positive steps.

With thoughts of encouragement and enlightenment

Showers of Blessings


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