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Is this how it starts ?
Date: 24 October 2011

Hello Stephen,

I have been having some things happen in the last few years that are really starting to worry me, and maybe you can help me to figure it out a bit. I will try to make this as short as possible, while at the same time giving enough information to make sense.

I have always had nearsightedness, and so my vision has always been blurry. But, now and for the last few years, I find that I am in almost a 24 hour migraine with aura daily. I have alwyas had migraines but the last few years the aura migraines are just way intense. It seems as if I see shapes, forms, outlines, and lights in my peripheral vision all the time. It happens when I have my glasses are off and I just think it's the nearsightedness but, it happens even with my glasses on. Another thing is I have smelled smoke, perfume, and alcohol (like whiskey) as if someone is right in front of me breathing with their mouth open. It is strange because there isn't anyone else around me when it happens and it has even happened in the shower. Something else is, I will have a really bad migraine and feel like I need to lay down and meditate. When I do meditate, I always see something but not 100% clearly in my mind but always feel better after I get up. One time I did see my friend's mom that I had not seen since we were in high school. I have also heard my name when no one called it, and I also feel weird sensations kind of like a loose hair on my face or other part of my skin, or like I walked into a spiderweb but nothing is there. Sometimes, I will feel a blow of cold on me out of nowhere. But, another big one is, whenever I watch something about afterlife or afterlife is talked about, I get goosebumps from head to toe.

I ask these not only because if this is Spirit, I want to learn to develop it so that I can help others. If it's not, then I am afraid I might have some neurological problem due to the migraines, vision situation, etc. I have been to my eye Dr and had her check for swelling that could be possible swelling in the brain (maybe MS, or Lupus), but she doesn't ever see anything. My glaucoma test always comes back normal as well.

So, my question is.. After reading my experiences, does it sound like I might be having Spirit contacting me to help or just common occurences due to something else ?

I really appreciate your help,

Warmest Regards,


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