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I am the lost soul on this earth
Date: 23 October 2011

Hello Stephen,

I am so blessed I find you to communicate with you. I live in Australia, and I have only one question to you please, help me!!!

What should I do , and manage my life in the best way, when everything falling a part, from the relationship to the financial disaster, what to do when I feel lost, I do the best in my life and give the love my soul and help and pay back the kindness with hatred , jelousy and abuse and punishments. I feel lost soul, I deserve the better people around me, more luck and respect in my life. Was I been cursed since childhood, or cursed or how can I get out of this negative environment one day, feel this energy around me slowly will kill me. I feel when I build up my castle on the honest hard way , now been destroyd. I need money to move on but I can not manifest it , cause somebody hold me back with their negative influenze. Please ,give me some answer for it . Thank you , and God Bless you.


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