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Re: Spiritual Path
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 17 October 2011
In Response To: Spiritual Path (Deborah)

Hello Deborah

My first thoughts are, you have only been aware of your pathway to spiritual attainment for a short period of time. Development of your spiritual faculty has to work in tandem, running in parallel with your own material balance. Like all things that require stability, the equilibrium is difficult to retain, because all things move from a pivotal position, across their own axis and centre of gravity.

Even after 30 years unfolding my own spiritual capacity, there are times when the reality of how little I know, acts as a stimuli to work harder. The pathway for enlightenment is not easy; we ask questions about our growth and development throughout the whole pathway of life. Questions, are vital because without asking – how would we know if we have advanced? So I would presume you have moved forward. The problem you may find is: have you moved at a slower rate than you expected? If this is the case, may I suggest that you open you spirituality, and accept there is a higher authority working in support of your gifts from the ‘World of Light’. You companions in ‘Light’ support and encourage, though we must learn the lessons around us; perhaps you may need to learn to be more patient.

Look within yourself! It is from the settled centre where we all gain peace, tolerance and depth of understanding. This is an old saying from my spiritual friend in light: “Hard work and effort is the workbench of all knowledge and spiritual attainment”. If you are not on the right pathway, you will know it in your own heart. Learn to listen to your inner-self. Try to remember, all around you there are signs, symbols and learning-points; because this world is the schoolhouse of learning.

In this time and place, we have very few teachers of spirituality; many people wish their gifts to be what they want for themselves. This process of thought is not aligned to spiritual unfoldment. We are what we are and our gifts are precious. The gifts we receive will always be ‘priceless’, handed to us from Divinity.

I wish there were more gifted spiritual teacher, but they are a rarity in this world where many seek spirituality for material gain. Nowadays, we appear to be between the growth of religious values and psychic or paranormal absurdities, which is a great shame. Yet, taking this point into account, I am sure the ‘right’ opportunities will unlock. Keep an open mind, have faith, seek and you will find. Grasp simple spiritual truths, accept and reject at will other people’s ideas and opinions. Stay true to the voice within, and the spirit world will guide, guard and protect your endeavours in the future years ahead.

In Patience, Peace and Light


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