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Re: 9 year old child - Possession?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 7 October 2009
In Response To: 9 year old child - Possession? (Donna (Los Angeles, CA))


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. But I have a back log of e-mail from around the world and have to use a system, so as not to miss anyone.

Anyway, reference your grandson. In respect of the hyperactivity and what he eats. The issues and points you raise are medical, and indicative of medical diagnosis, as such these questions are not directly within the qualifications’ of either a spiritual medium or psychic.

May I explain? When you are ill or in need of specific medical advice, support, or guidance you will need to contact those with specific knowledge, and who possess medical expertise. With this in mind, the work undertaken within the spiritual medium or psychic is not valid, or qualified, to give direct advice on Medication or Behavioural issues. In simplistic terminology, unless the medium or psychic are doctors, medical practitioners’ or those who are licensed to give ‘Medical Treatment and Advice’ who hold the relevant qualifications, then they should not give advice on the subject you raise.

On a personal note, whilst taking spiritual meetings or private readings I do receive information about medical situations. But the information is relative to survival beyond the physical, this is the work of a spiritual medium. But, those protagonist who are either a spiritual mediums or psychics do not give medical advice, or diagnosis, about how to, or, what medication to take. Again, the reason for this is because it is outside of our knowledge, and qualification. The information mediums receive is spiritually, which is given in a supporting capacity, to let people know that those in light understand the situations that prevail in this Physical World.

You mention that when you give him cuddles, he comes out of the situation. Perhaps he seeks attention and love, and it could be just a part of growing up, no different to my youngest son, many years ago.

Regarding the visit to the medium, though I do not know her, but understand that she is well respected. It still amazes me, about some of the ideas some people have about those in the Spirit World, a place of light, peace and wonderment, beyond our imagination. The other point you mention about there being some form of possession, a ghost of a naughty boy. First of all, there are no ghosts in the great World of Light; there are only enlightened souls, advanced, and full of supportive love and guidance. 99.999% of all people are happy to have moved from this ‘dime twilight’ world out into a wonderful enlightenment. It beggars belief, when I hear some of the stories being banned about. I feel that people’s imaginations and desire for the spectacular distort reality. Regarding the crystals they may help and most certainly can’t offer any negativity, if you feel that they are of help, and then if you wish, use them. In respect of the crystals helping the ghost issue; I personally see no point – but the decision is yours. You mention that your grandson is aware of something happening, like many children they are often more aware of the natural interaction of the two-worlds than many adults, nothing unnatural at all. I am positive that your grandson is not being taken over. However, I will ask for spiritual help from those who guide me, and for them to place a barrier around him and your house.

In conclusion may I suggest that you look at a natural occurrence and not a super-natural one? If you need any other help please let me know there is other support from people who help with the ‘ghost’ situation. I can contact someone on your behalf; this work is called ‘the field of investigation’. But I am sure that there is nothing from the Spirit World that will cause you, or you’re any family concern.

Yours in Light and Peace


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