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Re: Closure
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 25 September 2011
In Response To: Closure (Lynne)

Dear Lynne

Thank you for your correspondence. I have taken sometime to reply, because I needed to reflect deeply upon my answer to you. Many of the questions I receive have a direct connection with people’s emotions. So, it is vital to reply in a considered manner. Nonetheless, through your text there are supposition and inference, which could conjure up incorrect conclusions. May I confirm with all questions; I take the standpoint that my answer in generic. As such; I take a literal view of the content. In short, I do not give reference to individuals mentioned within the text, or with limited facts, assimilate information about those who have passed into light.

Sensitivity is more pronounced, when one speaks of a situation of suicide. Also, where there has been a conflict other emotions are evoked. Whatever things may have been, the past is the past and cannot be changed. Life for all of us has its twists and turns. Perhaps, this is how the fabric of our physical life is moulded through happy or sad – good and bad. Our lives are fashioned on the lives of those people who have gone before us, we respond to the circumstances we have encountered upon life’s path. But, we must move forward, grasp light and take away the shadows of the past, reflect upon the future and try to seek balance. I have a placed a ‘footnote’ below for your attention I hope it helps?c

The sad situation of suicide, affects so many people, in so many different ways. From a spiritual perspective, one tries to ascertain the factors within a person’s life that lead to the point in time where there appears only one escape, physical death - by one’s own hand. No one is perfect; we are all imperfect, seeking our fulfilment through our salvation and enlightenment. It would appear you have accepted your father’s shortcoming, a movement forward in the process of closure and understanding. It is difficult for many people to come to terms with forgiveness; all of us have times when it is hard to forgive. Yet, to forgive is compassion, whereupon your rewards are bountiful. In the ‘World of Light’ we all come to terms with our failings and weaknesses, a point in our spiritual unfoldement, we all have to confront. It would appear you have accepted this fact; perhaps your sister has this barrier to overcome. Nevertheless, from your phrasing, it shows you have moved forward with your own personal closure and taken the first steps forward...................................

It would seem you are spirituality more attuned and aware than your sister. Perhaps, you can show her the doorway of light. You mention not seeing, or hearing, your father from an objective perspective. Coming together is a two-way process; this may be the reason why you have seen your father through the ‘landscape of your dreams’. Take-heart you have moved in the right direction, slowly, gradually the eternal link opens wider with our loved ones, who now dwell in the ‘Kingdom of Eternal Light’. Move forward, until the great day, when you are in total light, to be reunited with your friends and loved-ones, whereupon you gain greater understanding, peace and forgiveness, beyond the imperfections we have in this world.

Wishing you harmony, closure and peace

In Light - Stephen

Footnote - The Equilibrium

Life swings like a pendulum, gathering momentum, gliding effortlessly through the movement of time. The essence is balance from one emotion to another. Our axis spins on a movement from happiness or sorrow, peace or turbulence and heartache to joy, always seeking the balance.

Yet, the equilibrium is central to the purpose of life, just an animated moment, a second within the scale of time, a breath of clarity, then back upon the spinning wheel of life.

Received by Stephen Wakeling 9.00pm 30th March 2010

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