Medium Stephen Wakeling Answers Your Questions

Date: 20 September 2011

Dear Stephen,
I am 58 and have struggled with this since just after my 14th birthday - 3rd August 1967. You see, my father was killed on the 22nd August 1967 - or so it seemed at the time - Coroner's Verdict: Misadventure. I now know different. You see, a night or so before his death, there was the most horrible argument in my home. I was supposed to be in bed - but I wasn't - in fact, I was sitting on the stairs crying and listening to all that went on. What I heard downstairs, I have never forgotten. My mother was present, as were my sisters and my brother-in-law. My elder sister screamed a home truth at my dad and her words struck a huge chord inside of me. I knew what she meant, but I could not go in that room and say "This happened to me too." The whole thing was horrible and nowone was aware for years, that I had heard anything. It was only a day or so afterwards, that the Police came to the door and told my poorl mum that my father had been killed. That period was terrible for my family - our lives were turned upside down and my mum, whose health had never been good, took it very badly and her health deteriorated. I never did dare tell anyone what had happened to me, least of all, my two sisters, and it wasn't until I was in my thirties that my sister told me what happened to her and my other sister, prompting me to tell her - it happened to me as well. She told me that she and my sister knew that dad had committed suicide and I knew instantly, that they were right. She told me that they never knew about me - well, how could they - I was so much younger. I have always been quite a spiritual person and have over the years, had some quite profound encounters and experiences - not every day, but at certain times in my life. We all grew up knowing that my mum was psychic and it does run in the family. She would regularly dream things which would come true shortly after - so strange. Since she died in 1984, she has visited me in my dreams and these dreams have been very meaningful, although there has been nothing about what happened all those years ago. Over the last couple of years, I so seem to have becvome more spiritually aware than ever before - even to the point of seeing my recently deceased and much loved cousin, whilst wide awake and in the presence of myu husband. I found out why, the day after - her son was getting married - she looked ecstatic so I told him what happened! I was really overwhelmed at the fact that I actually saw her - it was like watching a moving picture. I am sure that I am becomine much more spiritually aware. Why then, can I not see or hear from my father??? My sister cannot forgive him, but I have - long ago and I love him, but can find no closure for what happened to us as children. Can you offer any suggestions or help Stephen as to why - I would greatly appreciate your help???

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