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Re: Need help
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 18 September 2011
In Response To: Need help (Patricia)

Dear Patricia

Many thanks for your poignant, sad, though very interesting letter.

I have so many parallels with the content, the questions you ask make it even more worthy of note for me to respond as quickly as possible. First of all, may I send my personal thoughts to you, after any tragic loss the pain is like a scar, so easily opened. The expression within your words indicates the strength of feeling you have built, and love is the great bond which builds the bridge between the ‘Two-worlds’. I feel that the move you house move you made, along with children being around, helps to give you inner-strength and was a good inspired decision.

Newark-on-Trent is not too far from my home city. I know the area well. I even have friends in the antique trade, who spend much time searching for local antiquities in Newark itself. You mention a wooden figurine. I am more of a ‘fatalist’, believing than events occur because of fate, rather than by chance. With the figure you purchased, I am more of the opinion this was something which was meant to be. Taking this viewpoint and your desire to in your words “talk to him”, one now opens up a most interesting point. Please let me explain more?

Often when one losses a loved one, it is difficult for a communicative channel to open. So often saddened people wish only for a specific thing for their own personal (proof), this can become a blockage, or barrier for our loved-ones in ‘light’ to reach through and touch us with their love. Nonetheless, there is a way, if you are not able to see a spiritual medium, or gain direct communication with a loved one who has passed on. The process is not too dissimilar to the one you describe.

First of all, one needs to find a quiet place to be alone. Possibly a point of solace, where you are in light; now relax and start to concentrate on that one person, not too hard, again relax, be patient and you can open the facet of your mind. Generally a photograph, a watch, or artefact that is assimilated with the person you love will help you. Gain peace, calm, or possible a piece of your favourite music, which both parties enjoy, try to gain inner-peace. Again, open the mind with positive thoughts of happiness, of those halcyon days you have spent together. The linkage process may not happen immediately, but give it time and think only of light, - total light! You are focusing your energy, building the bridge – try to remember that everyone of the family of humanity, have the capacity to interact in the form of mediumship, it is only that for some it is more attuned. This procedure is self-development of the mind, something we can all do. Focus on the small figurine bought for you in Hong Kong, you have opened that natural gift; through its expression, you are building the link of love. You may also gain clearer sight through your dreams – the landscape of the spirit. Try to build this through the sleep process a procedure that goes back beyond the Ancient Egyptians’ to the dawn of time – the calm mind gains and brings thoughts of the purest.

May I go back to your point about ‘smell’? I have to go back to my days as a ‘Training Consultant’, where on a specific module relating to ‘Communication’ I would refer to a particular theory on the communicative processes. The hypothesis is known as “Merabians Theory”. The supposition in communication is about ‘gaining understanding’, and grasping percentage values for understanding the communication process. When one refers to sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. I would introduce a simple exercise on speculating percentages, obviously up to 100%. What percent of each sensory capacity and so on. Without going into depth; sight equals 87%, hearing 9% and the other three take up the remaining 4%. The theory is all about communication, which leads to including body language or using its more precise terminology - (none-verbal communication).

When we speak of spiritual inter-communication; sight (clairvoyance) becomes lesser, with hearing heightening (clairaudient) higher. The other sensory capacities touch, taste and smell also increase and known as (clairsentience). With the gift of mediumship most people hear rather than see. Most see through the facet of the mind ‘subjective clairvoyance’, yet, a very small amount of mediums see clearly ‘objective clairvoyance’.

So, this is my conclusion. Without doubt you do not have a problem. The gift we all share is the link between the ‘Two-Worlds’, which has opened to your sensory aptitude, allowing your mind to open the doorway into light. Why in evenings – again simple, because your senses are more alert - that is all. The problem nowadays, is there is all of this silly talk about paranormal – things that go bump in the night. There was a programme on the television last night, I was flicking the channels and there they were, in a dark cellar, no light, cold, damp asking if there was anyone there? Amazing, but if this is how people want to spend their night – good for them, it is their choice. I prefer to focus my mind on loved ones who now reside in the ‘Kingdom of Eternal Light’ free from pain, sorrow and sadness who are moving in a great world of freedom and peace.

You also asked what is happening. Well you have now asked a question, seeking a little knowledge. Nothing has, or will happen to you, because those in the ‘World of Light’ are there to help, support and comfort - you have broken through into light. Superstitions are builders of fear, yet knowledge takes away all fears – those who loved us whilst they were in this world of ‘Earth’ will continue to guide and help from the great eternal world of ‘Soul’. Please move forward embrace the peace and tranquillity one gains through knowledge that life is eternal and our loved ones are but a breath away.

One last point about my personal spiritual mediumship; I am very fortunate to have the capacity to receive object clairvoyance and clairaudience.

With Showers of Blessings and Light - Stephen


With all questions, I take the standpoint that my answers are generic; as such, I take a literal view of the content. In short, I do not give reference to individuals mentioned within the text, or with limited facts, assimilate information about those who have passed into light. The reason is simple. No one person can be in contact with everyone who has passed into eternity, so my answers are general in their structure and composition and reflect a metaphoric answer.

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