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Need help
Date: 13 September 2011

Dear Stephen,

I have been widowed almost two years now. My beloved husband Kevin died from an illness he contracted whilst on business in the Far East. Shortly afterwards I moved from Crawley East Sussex to be near friends in Newark-on-Trent. Kevin and I never had children, so it was important to be around people who could support me through a very difficult period in my life. Although the sense of loss has lessened with time, there is rarely a day goes by when I do not think of my wonderful husband.

Kevin loved to collect souvenirs on his travels, sometimes he'd bring back so many we would sell the odd one or two through an Antique Dealer we know near Hammersmith. Before moving North I put many of Kevin's collectables into storage and tried to get on with my life in my new flat without the clutter that filled our old house.

Then a couple of months ago I visited the Antique Collectors Fair at Newark show ground where I happened to see one of Kevin's pieces. It was definitely his, a small figurine he had bought for me in Hong Kong. We sold it on about ten years ago. I had to buy it of course and took it home where I put it on the coffee-table in the lounge.

It's a dear little thing, a wooden carving of a fisherman and it made me smile to think that it had found its way home. In my lonely moments I even found myself talking to him as if it could hear. Then late last Wednesday night after locking up I noticed a strange smell. It was fragrant like pipe-smoke. At first I thought it might be coming from my neighbour, then I noticed it was particularly strong around the fisherman to the point that it made me cough. I was so unnerved by this that I couldn't sleep all night and daren't leave the bedroom until morning. This happened again on Saturday night and yesterday evening.

I have been afraid to tell anyone about this in case they think I'm losing my marbles, but this evening the smell is worse than ever and there's an odd feeling here that I cant describe? I don't understand what is going on. And I don't know what to do? I'm not normally superstitious but fear the figure is possessed by something. I'm afraid to tell my friends and a little frightened and hope that you can offer some advice or some kind of explanation.

Love and light - Patricia

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