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Re: Almost empty Spiritualist churches
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 7 October 2009
In Response To: Almost empty Spiritualist churches (Scratching my head)

Almost empty Spiritualist Churches

In response to your question regarding almost empty Spiritualist Churches. Without doubt there is a growing influence on television, radio and theatres concerning both Psychic and Spiritual matters. Much of what you see and hear is theatrical by nature, though some are good; most in reality provide nothing more than a sensationalist charade, which offers little, when one thinks of the great mediums of the past. There is a growth and popularity towards ‘ghost, haunting and psychic shows’ this continues to attract large numbers of followers. Perhaps, those who are attracted to these things are only seeking a short term interlude within their lives, whereupon spirituality is a life-long, and beyond experience. All is very sad, but true, particularly when one considers, that if one were spiritually aware, you would realise that there are no ghosts, only people living in a world of light free from the limitations of the psychical.

I agree that Spiritualism is losing touch within some parts of the world. There are of course excellent Spiritualist Church’s. But, the move of Spiritualism into mainstream religion, is taking its message of truth into religious dogma, like many of the older belief around the globe. Perhaps this is where it is losing itself.

You mention the real thing! I am not sure that any religious doctrines can assert such a claim to the ‘real’ truth may each belief perceives differently. From the eyes of the Hindu, Muslim, Sheikh, Christian or Jew, each one is interconnected and the essence being the God Head, through an expression of divinity, the power that emanates goodness, light and total love. The movement towards orthodoxy, by spiritualism in the United Kingdom, has been systematic for a long period of time. I serve churches throughout the UK, some are well attended, but others as you say, are not. There are beautiful churches; again some will large congregations and others very poorly attended.

In my part of the country there is an excellent church, but it is called a ‘Spiritual Centre’, though a Spiritualist National Spiritualist Church (SNU). One perhaps should remember that all people who attend a Spiritualist event may not profess to be a spiritualist. However, many people wish to be on a spiritual pathway, one that is not clogged with religious teachings and old fashioned doctrines.

Over the years I have seen a dwindling of congregations. But, when on thinks that many spiritualist churches are stuck in the distant past. Many churches exist without an organist, with church officials still churning out Victorian or Edwardian hymns, which mean little or nothing to the audience. Perhaps West Life, R Kelly or Eva Cassidy may uplift people more?

You mention the growth in Brazil. It is also evident in other parts of the world where there is a growth. Even in the UK, North America, Australia and other parts of the world who are linking into spirit through the ever changing strength of the internet. If you are seeking spiritual knowledge or awareness the rapid shift in social-networks through e technology is immense I am in contact with many parts of the globe daily. The internet is a modern tool and many spiritually attuned people are using this new ‘medium’ to reach the own spiritual horizons, because it is a powerful communicative force to pass your message.

The standard of mediumship is often dire, with churches preferring to book poor exponents of mediumship, on the basis that they are cheap. With the influence of the mass media and mediumship or psychics being promoted to large and growing numbers, people have voted with their feet. Sad, yes! Again, perhaps mainstream spiritualism hasn’t woken to the realisation that even religions must take onboard what the general public wants.

I like you, have seen reductions in congregational attendances. Yet, hold a psychic- supper or something unusual and all things change. I have witnessed spiritualist churches closing, never to re-open again. Yet, if there was a move to embrace the aspirations of spiritualisms founders, back towards the real truths of our spiritual forefathers, perhaps the light, peace and true message of genuine ‘spirit communication’ with win through. But I also feel more to the belief that the egos and religious dogma are shackling those who want the one constant of life – change. But positive change!

Yours in Light and Peace

Stephen Wakeling

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