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Re: Spiritual Orb?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 13 August 2011
In Response To: Spiritual Orb? (Julie)

Dear Julie

Thank you for your question and photograph.

First of all, may I point out that ‘Orbs’ is not an area where my spiritual work really gets too involved in, please let me explain?

From my formative years, I have seen or been aware of spiritual energies and the interaction between the ‘Two-Worlds’. When I first got involved in Spiritualism, my spiritual capacity developed and extended. I became more aware of bursts of energy around people. At times this was like watching a fireworks shows, with balls of energy around and about people. I thought everyone saw them, but this is not the case, though all people have the sensory capacity for interaction between people who now reside in the ‘World of Light’.

Though I do not spend much time looking into the subject of ‘Orbs’, to me it is a natural spiritual occurrence, where energy is focused at one point. The consequence gives the view of a ball which can be either globular or a spherical object in shape. If one takes the spiritually perceptive view on the containment of energy, one will grasp that all energy takes its root from a ‘Divine’ source, the interpretation of which I believe is open to the individual’s interpretation. The ‘Soul’ the source of all things, in simple terms, is described as: “spiritual energy, which manifests itself through the physical body”. Without this energy, we would simply not exist. Therefore, I see orbs as a focused or concentrated point of spiritual energy, which allows people to be aware of a natural spiritual phenomenon. To me, this occurrence is a special portal for our spiritual friends in light, to make themselves known to those of us in this world of matter. Today, there are many who see this as paranormal activity. I do not! It is natural and nothing to be feared. Fear is lack of knowledge, and those people in ‘light’ wish we in earth reach and gain happiness and peace.

You mentioned seeing something within the picture you sent to ‘Spiritualist Resources’. Personally I see nothing, but if there is an image, it would be for your interpretation and not mine. If this ball of concentrated energy is around your children, I see this as a positive sign of spiritual interaction, support, guidance and comfort. In short a very positive occurrence. I am sorry that I do not have extensive knowledge on this subject, yet it is simplicity that allows the individual to grasp the knowledge of spiritual matters. Sadly, too much talk about paranormal activity, the supernatural, ghosts and phantoms allows many people's minds to dwell in shadows rather than within the splendour of the realms of golden light and spiritual balance.

Please enjoy any other spiritual encounters as you move forward in light. I have placed a footnote reference ‘Energy’ I hope it explains a little more.

With showers of light


Footnote on Energy:
Energy is a natural science, the word has its roots in ancient science, and today it is used in many other disciplines. The word energy is widely used in various spheres of life; however the meanings ascribed to the word may vary in many ways. One definition that encompasses many of the present usages is that energy is "the potential for causing change", and is a concept used to understand and describe processes. This definition captures the sense that energy is often viewed as the cause for changes that humanity observes, and may lead to understanding spiritual matters including ‘Orbs’.

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