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Re: grief healing
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 31 July 2011
In Response To: grief healing (Lynda)

Dear Lynda

It is always sad to hear of anyone who has lost the great love of their life, particularly when described as a soul mate. Time, is often spoken about with the suggestion that over a period of time, pain lessens and is reduced. Perhaps in some ways it can; yet like you, sorrow is often an easily open wound, situated very close to the surface.

Seeking the ultimate proof of the continuity of life beyond the physical may take a short time, or many years. Nonetheless, all of our loved ones who have moved out into the ‘golden dawn’ work to build the link, which is built through love. Those in the great world of light wish the bereaved to gain inner-peace and understanding. Yes, it is often a long lonely pathway, until we are reunited again, when we move to our new homeland in eternal light.

You mention a parrot. Often a pet can be a great comfort; animals give unconditional love and are true friends. However, I would suggest that interaction with other people is a great way of easing the pangs of grief. Time and again, sharing one’s own feelings, helps lessen the burden of loss and anguish. My conclusion would be to try to socialise and talk to other people who have, or are, undergoing the same circumstance described in your question.

The medium you spoke about would appear to be prescribing a way of support from the World of Light. Indeed, Spiritual Healing is a wonderful gift, which provides an opportunity, for you to move forward in your life. All you need to do is check your local press for a Spiritualist Church/Centre or if you reside in the United Kingdom, contact the National Spiritualist Union (SNU) on: www.snu.org.uk you will find all of the spiritual healing contact details you require.

I hope this short answer leads you to the future with brightness, peace and understanding.

In Light and Peace


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