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Almost empty Spiritualist churches
By:Scratching my head
Date: 6 October 2009

With all the popularity that paranormal programs get on TV, and the popularity of New Age beliefs in general, why are there not more young people in Spiritualist churches? Why don't they come to Spiritualist churches to get "the real thing" (detailed communications with their relatives/friends in Spirit) instead of watching some scary computer simulation/special effects of ghosts on TV? Same question, different words: Why do paranormal programs - that seem so superficial to me - get more interest than real communications provided by experienced spiritual mediums who have been trying to help people all their life? I keep attending wonderful Spiritualist services that should have 1,500 attendees instead of 20.

I understand from International Medium Lionel Owen's article on this site called "Spiritism in Brazil" (see link below) that in Brazil, Spiritist churches that perform healing easily get thousands of attendees weekly: "They have huge healing and worship centres attended by many thousands every week. I have been to services where there have been 2,000 people attending!" -- What do they have that we don't have?

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