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Re: My son
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 8 July 2011
In Response To: My son (Melanie)

Hello Melanie

I am sorry for the slight delay in replying to you owing to just returning from a holiday, where there was no internet connection.

Nonetheless, I would like to send my sincere thoughts to you, your family and friends regarding the tragic loss you have recently experienced. There are no simple or hard and fast answers, so I have spent time contemplating my thoughts to your correspondence, ensuring I was clear in my reply to you.

The tragic situation you explain regarding your son is heart wrenching, when one considers the implications and deep sadness you must be enduring. When someone is in the prime of life, the pain you and your family feel must be dreadful and unbearable. With a loss so deep my thoughts and heart goes out to you, in the belief that though it may take time, you will eventually gain the peace you richly deserve. With the time-scale from January being so short, your loss each day must be terrible. Many people say that time is a healer. Nevertheless, you also need to gain inner-peace, support and reassurance that life is a continuous flow from this world, out into the greatness of a fuller life in the realms of eternal peace. From a personal point of view, the pain of loss is often masked, leaving a scar that is easily opened.

I am sure that your son will have moved from this world and entered into the Golden Light, and will try desperately to communicate with you. Often, it is difficult to find an appropriate venue like a spiritual meeting, or get a private reading where communication is made with loved ones who are now in the World of Light. Therefore, the best opportunity to make contact is through the landscape of your dreams, or within the movement of your own thoughts. There is no set rule for someone’s return to pass information. But opportunity will arise, where your son will be able to assure you of the peace he has now gained. The bridge between you both is the link of ‘love’, this is the connection that will never die, and this bond connects you both eternally. Gradually, as you start to gain inner-peace within your heart, this will gladden your son as he comes to terms with the difficulties of the physical world and balances them with the tranquillity, peace and serenity he is now within.

Many people consign their life to supporting the interaction between the two-worlds. Indeed all true spiritual mediums work in light, grasping the small portal which inter-connects with our loved ones who now reside in total ‘light’. We are all aware that one day we must all leave this world, and take the smallest of steps, into peace and tranquillity.

Our loved ones now reside in the eternal garden of light, still have concerns over those loved ones left here on earth. Their desires are that peace will release their loved ones from heartache and sorrowed hearts. It has been well documented that when we gain peace within our own hearts, it helps our loved ones to move further along the corridors of enlightenment. May I politely suggest that you take time to be still, perhaps in a certain place in your home, either alone, or with close friends and loved ones, and try to gather the momentum of peace within yourself? What I am trying to explain is a meditative consciousness, which allows you and your mind to relax, collecting positive thoughts, where you can try to work in tandem with your son who is just one small step ahead.

On occasion there is a misunderstanding of the work of spiritual mediums; the purpose is in actual fact very simple! It is to support the process of communication and to allow objective dialogue to take place in support of the many like yourself who are bereaved, sad or heartbroken.

I understand that you live in Australia. May I suggest you visit a local Spiritualist Church or Centre, within your own locality? Perhaps, you may find guidance on Spiritualist Resources’s website. There are many excellent spiritual mediums throughout the world. Each one works upon a slightly different vibration, this allowing for our loved ones in light to link with someone who is attuned to their specific vibrational level. If you attend a local Spiritualist meeting, please try to have an open-mind. An open-mind will help you to gain a communication link, which will ultimately provide the proof you desire. The communication, at first, may be easier for other family members to bridge. Loved ones, who have crossed into ‘light’, can be more spiritually developed, finding it easier to open the portal of light. They will help the link to open and built. So, if you get a ‘reading’ it may well be other members of your family or people you do not know directly, who will open the dialogue between the two-worlds. Incidentally, the link I mention is developed through ‘love’ in its purest sense. Love is the great energy of all things and the bond between the Two-Worlds. Love is the channel in which all of our loved ones embrace, allowing them to pass the great news – that life is eternal in the kingdom of light, peace and eternity.

Once more, may I say how sorry I am to hear about your personal tragedy, regarding your son Sean? Please try to realise that you shouldn’t have moved into light before your son. Often when a parent or grandparent survives a younger member of the family, it is very difficult to come to terms with the situation. It is a heart-rending. All I can say is there is a greater plan in operation through the process of life, both here and in the world of light and peace. This great plan is within the hands of a greater intelligence I refer to has divinity.

In conclusion, may I wish you peace and that you gain the proof of the continuity of Sean’s life in the world of total light, peace and tranquillity.

With thoughts of peace and many blessings

In Light and Peace


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