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dark shadows
Date: 30 June 2011

Hi, as a family we have often experienced things that we cant explain + as we believe in the spirit world we often use past family etc as an explanation to these experiences. In december my father past + my 4 yr old grandaughter could hear whistling ( which my father often did) she would regularly hear a male voice and also saw shadows ,she wasnt upset by these happenings and we all took comfort in the idea it was my father. Recently ( 1-2 wks ) she has seen dark shadows and is frightened by this , we told her its just grandad checking you are ok but she said the shadow isnt a person although she cant explain the shape of the shadows + the sightings are happening more frequently.We were wondering if these dark shadows can cause harm and if they are something we should be concerned over.

Hope you can offer some much needed advise

Thanks Dee

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