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Re: what books to read
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 19 June 2011
In Response To: what books to read (michael)

Hello Michael

This is a type of question I regularly receive. Nonetheless, which book to read, is an individual matter, one book will suit one person and not another. Over my 30 years in this work I have read very little, tending to take the view that too much reading can confuse and cloud basic spiritual truths. I am fortunate in that I had an excellent spiritual teacher and mentor. Yet, even with my teacher, his first choice was to take hold of an idea or thought, and convey this into a philosophical interpretation.

The main aim is to transfer spiritual information into a simple format, making it easier for you and others to digest and understand. All within this life is a reflection of the next. Yet, the mirror image we receive doesn’t hold the clearness of the realms of light and peace. On the other hand, if you look at the website for Portobello Spiritualist Church in Edinburgh, Scotland you will find two publications. I find of particularly interest the one written by Bernice Winstanley for the beginner. The other excellent publication is by a good friend of mine Dr. David Gordon Wilson is more of an advanced nature. There are many books, covering the whole gamut of subjects. But, I really do feel that it is important to work out your own spiritual aspirations, and relate them to your own life’s experiences. I am not sure about what you mean by talking to angels, the interpretation is somewhat confused over recent years. But, I take the assumptive view you mean people who have entered into the golden light of eternity often referred to as the ‘Spirit World’. I believe you will have to gain training, spiritual awareness and experience through a knowledgeable teacher or mentor. May I suggest a visit to a local Spiritualist or Spiritual Centre should be your first port of call?

No matter how many books or internet pages you read, they cannot make you a medium. The reason is simple! The gift of spiritual mediumship is divine by mature. In short a gift given by God. You may wish for it, but if you are not gifted, then it will not happen. Today there are many who seek the gift for the wrong reason. The underlying principle is simple – the gift is not for self, rather for the support of the whole of mankind through spiritual verity, understanding and for relaying the great message to others that life is continuity.

If you want a copy of a transcript I have from a scholarly man who left this life on the ill-fated RMS Titanic, which sank on the 15th April 1912. Please contact me via e-mail (contact info at http://www.stephenwakeling.com). The information holds none of the vagueness often found in scores of today’s books. The information is clear, concise and simple, in-short what life is all about. I feel it is we, who make it harder to comprehend.

May I wish you every success in your endeavours to unfold your many gifts?

With best wishes and blessings – Stephen

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