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Re: Negative energy
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 25 September 2009
In Response To: Negative energy (Peter)

Hello Peter

I personally don't believe in negative energy. I believe that there is a natural flow of energy, which runs through all things, and this is divine in nature. It only misguided people who through their own inadequacies, develop and increase their own negative thoughts and allow them enter and dwell within their own minds. Positivity will always prevail, but you have to use the power and conviction of your own gifts, spirituality and purpose and reasoning within the pattern of life.

Positive thought will win through. An old Chinese saying is: "Do not live in the low lands of ignorance where only fools and monkeys dwell!

The essence of this quotation is to live and work with the natural energy of life and positivity will take away doubt, fear and oppression and light will always win through.

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