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Re: Clairvoyant?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 3 June 2011
In Response To: Clairvoyant? (Kim)

Hello Kim

It is really pleasing to hear from someone who has received direct communication with a loved one in the World of Light. What is also satisfying is how you explained in detail what you felt, heard and saw in a normal and articulate manner. The most important thing to me is that the communication was so natural, and peaceful, with the added value of simplicity. It is not that you are fortunate to receive this proof of survival beyond this physical life; it's more that you have used your divine gift to become the bridge between two-worlds. Many people seek what you have found, spending many years trying to gain a glimpse of eternity. Often the desire of some people outweighs the evidential communication received. You mention clairvoyance (to see), clairaudience (to hear). You recount within your question to objectively ‘seeing clearly’, meaning that the spiritual presence outwardly appeared to be as if solid, not subjectively, which is within the concept of the mind – in short, you saw and heard clearly, a very special gift.

If you want to develop the spiritual gift, I would suggest the decision is totally for you and you alone to make. May I suggest you need a spiritual teacher or mentor? This is a difficult thing to do, owing to the fact there are very few with these specific skills and attributes. Nonetheless, those in the World of Light are not impractical, so should you wish to expand the parameters of your divine gift, you will find those who have the ability to give you the right support and guidance. May I also make a suggestion that you check out spiritual centres, or if you desire, churches within your locality, a starting place may be www.nsac.org in the United States of America, or www.sunsetcamp.org/church/spiritualist-churches. If you live in Georgia, there is a church National Divine Spiritual Church, Inc on 18 Jackson Street, NE Atlanta, GA 30312 (404) 522-9153. At least you have a starting point.

In conclusion, I am not of the opinion that in your words ‘you are nuts’. You have simply opened up your gift and become a bridge for your husband’s loved ones, to cross, to pass messages of love, compassion and proof of survival beyond physical life - wonderful, please keep it up!

I wish you well and good spiritual fortune - long may it last.

Showers of Love and Blessings - Stephen

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