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Date: 29 May 2011


Although I have had experiences in the past, i have recently discovered that I am most likely clairvoyant and clairaudient. For my own sanity I need someone to tell me whether or not I am correct and if so where to go from here. An example that brought this to light finally for me is this: my father in law passed a week ago and the day after he passed I had gotten up early to let my dogs out. As I came out of bathroom, the bedroom light came on by itself. I got a warm feeling all over and I heard my father inaw say "I love u Kimbro, tell my Bubber I love him". Now I have never heard him call my hubby Bubber so it was strange to me. I finally told my husband later that night and he said that's what his dad called him when he was young. Since then I have had him tell me to tell my husband to look under the steps. My husband is wondering how i knew that the concrete steps were hollow. He hasn't looked yet so I am wondering. Lol. Can you confirm my thoughts Or am I just nuts?

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