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Re: i am confused about my soul
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 10 May 2011
In Response To: i am confused about my soul (maryam)

Hello Maryam

Thank you for your question. It would appear there is a little confusion in your question. I believe that what you are asking about is what is often described as ‘Astral Travel’. There is a lot of mystification within this topic of spiritual understanding; much is made, because people enlarge what is a natural situation. During our physical life, we often move out into the Realms of Eternal Light, which you may refer to as Heaven. In fact, our spiritual body moves into the anti-room of the spirit, often called the ‘Astral Plane’. Some people say we move out, into the World of Spirit or Heaven. This is not as common, as one would expect. Movement between the Two-Worlds is only restricted by our own spiritual development. There may be a specific reason for our companions in light to take us out, beyond what one would consider is the norm.

I would suggest that you are aware of the movement of your spiritual body, which detaches from the physical, yet held with the spiritual cord. The spiritual cord, of which I refer, is often seen by those with clear sight, either in gold or silver. The colour is synonymous with a facet of mediumship which depicts by colour the association of the people in relationship to family connection. Often, the medium will see the spiritual cord in either gold or silver.

You may feel the floating sensation, as the spirit moves temporarily into another dimension. Though you earthly body of which you relate to as ‘fleshy’ cannot leave this world, in which it is a temporary resident. The physical body is of the earth, and the spiritual is of the spirit - earth and soul.

Try to realise that the physical body is nothing more than a temporary house? Yes a most wonderful house, but not as wonderful as the tenant (the soul) that resides within it. One day, our physical body must return to the earth, from whence it came. But the spiritual body and soul will return to its true home in the World of Light and Beauty, into the Golden Light!

On a final point, the Soul is the monarch, the king as it were. The Soul is divine in being the greatest price we possess, given by the great creator of all things, known as God, Allah, the Great Spirit, or to the native North American Indian the Grandfather of the Universe.

In Eternal Light and Peace


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