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Re: I keep making the sign of the cross
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 7 May 2011
In Response To: I keep making the sign of the cross (Steve)

Hello Steve

This question has taken thought and a little research, so that I can give my considered reply to your question.

In response, there is possibly only one of two answers to your dilemma. First, it could be spiritual, or secondly have a material explanation. It is my considered opinion that it is the latter of the alternatives. If the source of the quandary were spiritual, it would have an objective, as there is no purpose or gain, I believe the explanation’s source to be corporal in nature, appertaining to a situation of this world and not the next.

May I explain a situation that happened to me many years ago? Whilst serving in the Royal Navy I came to the aid of a colleague. He was charged with doing something that he was unaware of. My defense for him was that he had either been consciously, or unconsciously, aware of the situation in which he was charged. The Captain was completely confused, resulting in the case been dismissed. The reason for this is that such an explanation is laudable. This is through a division which delves into the philosophy of mind, which studies the very nature of the mind, mental properties, consciousness and functions that are in relation to the brain and the physical body.

Neuro-science is one area that may give you a clue to the predicament you have explained. Neuro-scientific studies, haven given insight into the process of ‘free-will’ and have been conducted over many years. Investigations have been looking at the question of conscious and subconscious actions. Many scholars within this discipline identify the actions as scientific and philosophical. Theories and research investigations are linked to rational thinking, which takes control over a person’s decisions and actions, through the study of the active brain. There are researchers now studying in detail the whole process of decision making in the workplace environment. I personally have used these theories within my past management consultancy work, particularly within organisational training, using the concepts of various management experts.

I am sorry that I cannot be more specific. Nevertheless, I believe the situation you describe is not of a spiritual nature and I suggest that if you seek additional information, you contact a person with specialism within the human psyche.

In Light and Peace


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