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Re: Spiritualism
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 5 May 2011
In Response To: Spiritualism (Maria)

Dear Maria

May I apologise for the slight delay in getting back to you? I have given considerable thought to your correspondence, taking the view that time was needed to ensure that I was clear in my reply to you.

First of all, I would like to send my sincere thoughts to you regarding the tragic losses you and your family have had. There are people within my work who say they are in a better place - they may be. On the contrary we still miss their physical presence.

You mention the reason for getting involved in Spiritualism. However, I am not sure about needing an assurance that you are on the right path. My personal view is more akin to being upon a spiritual pathway. Throughout life we are ever opening and expanding ourselves with spiritual enlightenment. The widening of the acceptance of other views allows one to ascertain beliefs from a broader perspective. I find this gives greater assurance though knowledge of wider recognition of other people’s opinions and beliefs. I am aware of John Sloan. I have family who were mediums in Glasgow during the same period of time you pointed out. The era you relate to had many other great spiritual mediums, perhaps not so well documented though extraordinary in their abilities, compassion and humanity. May I give reference to a point about the many high-quality unknown spiritualists, taken from the words of Gordon M Higginson former President of the Spiritualist National Union from 1970 until 1993? “I know you hear a great deal about mediums, and people who make their name known, and live, but there are thousands of people, who have done a great deal of work for spiritualism, and are often forgotten”.

Again, may I say how sorry I am about your personal tragedy regarding your son? It is excellent news when I hear of someone who has found a medium who is able to pass over affirmation about the continuity of life. You mention a particular spiritual medium from London; it is always heartening to hear of quality work, particularly when you have received excellent proof of survival beyond this physical world. I can assure you that since the dawn of time, there have been people with the gift of communicating with the World of Light. Each spiritual medium works on a slightly different vibration, supporting the interaction between the Two-Worlds. It is because of the diversity of gifted mediums that, as a collective, we can support people, with the great message of hope, peace and love for all people who have passed into the Golden Light.

I note with interest that you ask two questions. However, with the first one, I have a difficulty. The gentleman you refer to, is someone who I am in communication with. Nonetheless, I cannot make any comment on any other person’s views or beliefs. To me, this is not ethical or professional. I am no judge of what is within another person’s decision-making processes. The views of another person and their perspectives are for them and them alone.

You mention my personal gifts; it may surprise you to know that apart from being an object clairvoyant, the divine spirit also gifted me with the physical capacity of mediumship. Indeed, my family and very close friends have been privileged to see some amazing physical evidence from the World of Light. Sadly, I am too inquisitive, and like to be aware of things around me - in short, not great attributes to further this wonderful gift - I am in reality too nosey!

On the subject of Helen Duncan and her capacity of trance mediumship: My spiritual teacher Jack Corbett knew the lady, in those far off Elysian days when people had the time and patience to unfold their spiritual gifts slowly and correctly. There is much documentation about her, though much is second, or third-hand; perhaps in this life we will never know the full facts. Without doubt the information about the Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship, HMS Barham was significant enough for the War Office to investigate. Though HMS Barham was torpedoed in January 1942, the Admiralty didn’t inform the press until 27th January 1942, whereupon they explained the rationale for withholding the news. It is well documented; Helen Duncan held a séance in Portsmouth, Hampshire. It was reported that a young sailor, serving onboard the Barham, came through in trance, telling his mother about what had happened. Owing to the need for strictest secrecy in World War 2, the truth about the sinking was only revealed to very few, and not announced to the public until much later. After the séance the Royal Navy took great interest in her activities. It was reported that two Lieutenants were among her audience at the séance on 14th of January 1944, followed again on the 19th January. The police arrested her at another séance a short time after. There is much speculation about fraud, with reference to the cap band, known in the Royal Navy as a ‘Cap Tally’. Much of this is circumspect; something that happened long ago, perhaps one should draw up one’s own assumptions. Finally, regarding Helen Duncan, it is a matter for your own judgment. Read up on her; the decision must be yours and yours alone. Perhaps you may look at my website I have a ‘blog’ where I talk about Trance.

I am aware there are many people today who believe they are in some form of trance-state. Of course, when spiritual mediums are working, there is an altered-state of consciousness. Some take a step further, hence the garbled voices, pseudo-trance and rather silly Chinese style voices! I wish commonsense prevailed. But it tends not to, even for the well educated! For many people I believe it is delusional; some appear to go into trance as if it were a revolving-door, it is sad really. But, the temptation is there for many people to fake, or self-delude themselves. The attraction really does exist - fortunately I have always resisted the temptation. Once you fake, your credibility has gone forever - there is no coming back! Trance, or should I say, truthful trance-mediumship, is the most rarified of gifts. But, with temptation, fame, notoriety and money, it is easy to see where so many have, and continue to fall into the trap.

Further to your second question, which is in relation to mediums having the ability to use telepathy: All I can say is, in my years of spiritual mediumship, telepathy is not something I have encountered. I am sure a form of mind-reading happens on the magicians’ stage circuit, which is no more than a trick, an illusion, or a theatrical stunt. The last thing on earth I would want is telepathy into another person’s mind. One would imagine if this were possible, the more unscrupulous people would soon take their chance to reap a good financial harvest. Mind reading - I can’t see it at all. In my 30 years I would have needed to be a good guesser, the proof surpasses the assumptive thought. Additionally, on the point of thoughts coming from another person’s mind, I believe 100% it is not possible. When giving a message, the recipient(s) have the opportunity to say no! No, means no. I am sure commonsense prevails; it appears to have over my time in this work.

You may be referring to ‘Cold Reading’? There are people who use selective statements, words, or leading questions to ascertain a reply. I see mediums who use emotions to unsettle a person, getting them into tears. I have even heard a medium say they enjoy the sound of tears - it shows they have hit the mark. Pathetic really isn’t it - self-egocentric may be one view of these people. Getting back to telepathy, the images you mention are subjectively reflected upon the mental plate. Objective clairvoyants see the person as if they were in the physical Of course the trained protagonist is aware their sight is spiritual and projected from beyond the Golden Light. Still, there are times when we all see objectively, we all possess the gift - if we didn’t, we wouldn’t see anyone, when we have moved into light. Clairvoyance is a French word, literally translating to mean to ‘see vision’. One day we will all see, hear, and use all of our sensory gifts to a higher level of consciousness, when we take that smallest of steps out into the new Golden Dawn.

Ultimately, we all take the final step into the great light. However, proof in my thinking, is an individual thing. Any spiritual medium, or psychic, can give a wonderful message of eternal life - the recipient still has to accept it. There lies the conundrum. Perhaps, a thought on faith might help.

Over the last few years, one of my philosophical talks has been on faith. If, you turn back the pages of history, you will find countless people who have paid the ultimate price for their personal faiths. Martyrs have suffered mercilessness, brutality and painful physical death by torture. When one looks at people like Saint Joan of Arc, Sir Thomas More, the Oxford Martyrs, Ann Askew, Guru Arjan Dev Ji and many more, we find people who through faith, and faith alone, have stood the ultimate test. Individuals and collective groups have stood the ordeal of their own convictions. Armed with their own faith, without proof, just books, scriptures, and total belief in their own God, they have found peace in their religious or spiritual values. I believe that spiritual mediums extend the parameters of knowledge, understanding to become simple bridges for our companions in light, to cross and make contact with their loved ones still in the World of Earth.

The fakes, charlatans and fraudster, along with the egocentrically minded mediums and psychics, hold back the gentle hand of the spirit. Perhaps, one day the light of truth will unfold in this life. Until this happens, we must search for the few that are true, those who seem to be little more than oases of truth and light.

Finally may I say again how sorry I am to hear of your tragic loss? I hope that you continue to receive messages of love, comfort and support from your loved ones in light!

Kindest thoughts in Light and Peace


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