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Re: mediumship
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 1 May 2011
In Response To: mediumship (angie)

Hello Angie

Thank you for your question. My initial thoughts are about your personal desire to go onto the public platform to give messages. To me the reason why anyone wishes to pick up the mantle of the spiritual medium is the most important question you can ever ask yourself.

I have worked in the field of professional training and development for many years. During this time I have been involved in sales development and recruitment. One of the basic questions to a young sales person is: ‘Why do you want to work in sales?’ The answer of: ‘I wish to meet people and travel’ may at first-glance appear to be the correct one, but it is not. Likewise, with desire to work in mediumship, this also requires a very thought provoking answer, which needs to be profound, sincere and with depth. Why? Because the pathway of mediumship is not all plain sailing, it is fraught with pitfalls and difficulties’. Again, one may ask why? If you look at the lives of the great mediums of the past, then look at spiritual teachers and leaders like Jesus, Muhammed, Ghandi, Buddha and the Sikh Guru’s particularly the first Guru Nanak Dev, and the martyr Guru Arjan Ji, you will realise the problems they have encountered. I am not saying spiritual mediums have the same difficulties as these religious masters. Nevertheless, the pathway is not easy; any experienced spiritual medium will tell you the same. So if I may suggest? Think long and hard about the commitments you will need. I believe it is becoming more difficult than it was 30 years ago. Spiritualism has changed and taken a more mainstream standpoint, moving the balance from a truth and shifting far more towards a religious stance. In my viewpoint, a retrograde step, particularly when the thoughts of so many people are more attuned to spiritual understanding, awareness and tolerance and not religious dogma and doctrines.

You mention the healing of animals. Yes, spiritual healing works on all living things. Some spiritualist churches/centres I know hold special services for animals. It really works. I know, I am an animal lover and over the years, it has worked on my cats and dogs. You mention you live in Rhyl in North Wales. The nearest churches I am aware of are: Rhyl, Gwynfa Villa, off Thorpe Street, Rhyl, LL18 3LR OR Colwyn Bay Spiritualist Church, 17 Woodland Road West, Colwyn Bay LL29 7DH.

I wish you every success, light and peace


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