Medium Stephen Wakeling Answers Your Questions

Date: 1 May 2011

Dear Stephen

I have been a believer in Spiritualism for many years, since I lost my first son when he was 5 days old. It is usually the case that we are drawn to the spiritual side of life when we lose a loved one, especially when that loved one's loss goes against the natural order of things, as in the loss of a child. So it was with me. However, I am not a gullible person, far from it, and when I choose a pathway to follow I need assurance that it is the right path, and one that is viable, and ultimately can be validated as correct. So I read many books on Spiritualism, and the ones that struck a chord, and still do today, are those written by Arthur Findlay on the direct voice mediumship of John Sloan, who died in the 1950s. For me, this man alone is the proof of the afterlife that I sought, living as he did on a Glasgow council estate, and not once having charged for his gift. He was a sweet man who simply sat in his living room, holding seances for his friends and family who had relatives fighting the war, offering them comfort and hope. As far as I can tell, he never even used a cabinet, and just sat in his chair happily (and sometimes grumpily) conversing with the spirit voices.

On 13 March, 2011, I lost my 19 year old son. If you google his name, you will see many links on him which tell his story. To cut a long story short, he was at university and, after a night of drinking, he wandered off on his own, and went missing for 3 weeks. They found his body in the River in April, 2011. The inquest has yet to be held, but it is presumed he drowned and that it was an accident, because there were no signs of foul play. The river was on his route home, and we like to think he probably needed to relieve himself, or wanted to be sick (and, knowing him, there was no way he would do either of those things in a street), so went down to the river to do this, and fell in. He was very drunk (we have cctv footage of him just before he went missing, on that night, after he left the club, swaying and staggering along the road).

I had the luck to be brought into contact with a very gifted medium, Michael, who is a London taxi driver who, again, does not charge for his gift. What he told me, about my son and also other relatives who have passed, made me 100% sure that my son is now ok, and that what happened was an accident. In my son's words, he 'mis-footed' and fell in the river while very drunk, but it was very quick and he felt nothing.

Michael made it possible for me to consider living again, such is the power of a truly gifted medium.

I still believe in Spiritualism and life after death, but there are just a few things that trouble me, and I wanted to ask you these questions because, reading your web site, you seem to happily give really informative answers to questions put to you. I have found great solace in the many websites on the internet, including Victor Zammit, and Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker. However, certain things don't seem to add up, and therefore my questions to you would be as follows:

1. Victor Zammit's website is amazing, but he professes a belief in the mediumship of Helen Duncan, a Scottish medium who was convicted of fraud on several occasions, once when a policeman grabbed the supposed ectoplasmic form and found it to be an undervest. Also, if you look at the supposed spirit photos of her, they are so obviously fake, almost laughable, and it disturbs me that someone as innately intelligent and thoughtful as Victor could think these photos were for real. I suppose, what I am worried about is if he can't see through the obvious fakery involved in these photos, what else is he being gullible about? I know this is not your area of mediumship as you are not a physical medium, but your thoughts on this, or on Helen Duncan, would be appreciated. It's a great shame that there are frauds out there whose escapades manage to discredit the whole spiritualist movement, although I understand that the SNU dissociated itself from Helen Duncan many years ago.

2. How can we be assured that the telepathy which takes place between the medium and the spirits, is not in fact, telepathy between the medium and the living people in the sitting? I know that you receive images in your mind of what the spirit is trying to convey, but could these images be coming from the person who is living? I am not suggesting fraud, far from it, as I am sure the medium is as sure as anyone that the images they receive are from the spirits.

As I said, I am NOT a sceptic, and I do believe in all that you believe in, but I have to reassure myself that the things in which I invest my faith are wholly true, and it hurts me when I come across fakers in any way, shape or form.

Many thanks for your time, and I hope you are not offended by my post.



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