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Re: spiritual development
Date: 30 April 2011
In Response To: Re: spiritual development (Stephen Wakeling)

Thank you Stephen for answering and more. I agree now after you pointed out that it is a matter of personal preference and need what literature to begin with. After all, spirituality and etheric dimension belong to a field of personal experience and we could all write a book. Neither of those books would be "the right one" or "the wrong one". You sort of opened my eyes now.

I thank you kindly for reasuring me regarding Jack. There is someone who acompanies me, who is around. So far I had fun playing "games" with him but after I considered he could be real our relationship made a turn in a way that besides our exchange of emotions and ideas he started giving me daily exercises such as "today try to love a stranger". or "be cool with kids", "we'll talk by music today"- I would hear a song in my mind and I'd think of my "song" answer. We actually made a song on my guitar. I sort of let it out of my heart. I played how I felt. My part was to put lirics in it. And in my sharing with him I realized later I don't need a book to teach me, I have him.. It is all I want.

Dear Stephen, I am so happy you reasured me, helped me clear my doubts, that you just thaught me it takes faith to establish a clear communication with pure energy. May the devine light shine upon you eternally. Love, Zeljka

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