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Re: spiritual development
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 30 April 2011
In Response To: spiritual development (zeljka)

Hello Zeljka

This is an interesting question. However, reading books is an individual matter, as one book will suit one person and not another.

Over my 30 years in this work I have read very little, tending to take the view that too much reading can confuse and cloud basic spiritual truths. I am fortunate in that I had an excellent spiritual teacher and mentor. Yet, even with my teacher, his preference was to grasp an idea or thought and get me to transfer it into a philosophical interpretation. The main point being the transfer of the information into simplicity which is then made easy for others to digest and understand.

I am not aware of the book you mention, so cannot give you personal feedback. If you look at the website for Portobello Spiritualist Church in Edinburgh, Scotland you will find two publications. I find of particularly interest the one written by Bernice Winstanley for the beginner. The other excellent publication is by a good friend of mine David Gordon Wilson, which is more of an advanced nature. There are many books covering the whole gamut of subjects. But, I really do feel that it is important to work out your own spiritual aspirations, and relate them to your own life’s experiences. Living your life without doubts is a tall order; I am sure that all people, even the most spiritually gifted, have doubts and concerns – spiritual enlightenment still needs work, effort and continuous development. One should remember that of all people, no matter whom or what they are, are not perfect.

Reference ‘Jack’: I am taking an assumptive view that you are referring to a spiritual guide, or companion. You mention a figment of your imagination. I myself refer to a particular spiritual helper as Agnes; this was not her name when she was in this life, but that matters not to her. Indeed, we all have different names of reference, which may include a pet or nickname(s). I feel we often place too much emphasis upon the name(s), rather than what these spiritual people bring to our own spiritual capacities. The name can be a focal point, which helps you to build and develop your latent spiritual skills in whatever area your gift takes you.

Imagination is the first faculty, without which we would not have built the wondrous things in both this world and the next. We can take a stable mind as a starting point to ascertaining whether what we receive is right or wrong. The general rule-of-thumb for clarity of imagination is: If the thought keeps occurring, then it is from the World of Light. Practice and development with help you to differentiate between the two. Nonetheless, even the most advanced spiritual protagonists and I still get it wrong, or our interpretation is incorrect – no one is perfect as they say!

May I wish you every success in your endeavours to unfold your many gifts?

With Showers of Blessings - Stephen

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