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A dream interpretation.
Date: 1 April 2011

Dear Mr. Stephen Wakeling,

There is a question which has been puzzling me for some time, in fact since the year 2008. In brief, to explain and describe a few elements of this dream, there was as terms of characters, first there was a black dog which I could speak to and which took the form of a human being, a man, a little later in this dream, secondly there was my mother, who asked me to feel him as much as I could, which I tried to do the best I could, we were in each others arms and we completely became as one, as in a heart to heart fusion.
This man has passed away about 28 years before (2008), this dream I have made during the year 2008, and I am presently staying at 2, Gurnham Street Apt.#8, and at the next month of February the First, it will be (it has been 8 years since I have moved to this place). My phone number in full also equals the number 8, and other events I could refer to which also have attached to them the number 8.

Of course I am not asking you here to speak about numerology, but I am simply asking about the interpretation of a dream.

When I woke up from this dream, the next morning, I woke up crying, and I admit sincerely to you that it was the first time in my life that I woke up crying from a dream.
To get to the principle question I would like to ask you, it is the following.

Could it be that I have met, my soul mate in this dream? Because since this dream, I feel that this person is very protective of me, he is as a guide, and also acting as an incredible spiritual guide I may add, and the feelings that we have towards each other are very mutual, strong and sincere.

In this life, I have never met him in person. Since I feel with him an incredible strong bond and spiritual link. Since 2008, I have made other dreams where I see him and he sees me and he also comes to me on the astral plan, he gives me signs, I can hear him talking to me sometimes if and when needed and according to different circumstances.

I know it is not an easy question to answer, but please try and do your best, as it is a question which I have been asking myself for quite some time now. Have I (met my soul mate through this dream?), and has he also (met his soul mate through this dream?) that I had made a few years ago? We are of the same zodiac solar sign. Thank you for your answer.

Yours sincerely,

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