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Please help :)
By:Sarah H
Date: 4 April 2011

Dear Stephen

I am not sure if you can help me but I have been having experiences which I desperately need some answers to. I recently met a good friend of my husband's (along with his girlfriend). Whilst we were out having dinner with them I felt 'a force' pass directly from him (husband's friend) to me.

It totally overwhelmed me and I had this very strong urge to ask this friend if either of his parents had died (and to also hold his hand). He told me his mum had died a few years ago. I instantly felt as though she was with us and had to tell him this. I didnt want to tell him as I was becoming very upset. My left ear began to burn and I felt intense pressure.

As soon as I did tell him the pressure subsided and I had 3 'visions'. Firstly I saw the number 9 ... he could not connect this to anything. Then I saw a cactus (?!) and he said it was his mum's favourite plant and she had them in her apartment.

Then I saw the letter 'D' which I instantly felt was someone's name... he told me his sister, who is quite spiritual, is named Diana. After this I felt the 'feeling' move out of me slightly and to my right shoulder. It then felt as though I was being hugged from behind. Then it was all gone.

Until I got up and went outside and had trouble swallowing for a minute which made me panic. I was then physically ok again. This whole experience has worried me hugely as this has never happened to me before (not to this extent at least). In the past when little things have happened I have ignored them. But this was a very intense experience and it is worrying me as I don't understand it.

Can you give me any advice? Shed some light on what and why this should happen to me? Im not afraid of it .. I am just concerned as to how I should handle it... if it ever happens again.
Thank you so much for your time
Kindest regards

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