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Re: my mother who passed march 20th 2008 at 4:15 how is she
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 11 March 2011

Hello Janet,

The question you ask is a very normal one for many people who are seeking to come to terms with a tragic loss of a loved one. However may I say how sorry I am to hear about your very sad loss? It is particularly difficult when there has been a long and sustained bond of love. There are people who say they are in a better place but this doesn’t take away the grief and heartache. My only hope is to give you words of comfort to help you through your grieving process and to support you to gain strength through spiritual understanding.

I believe a most important step for you has already been taken – you are asking questions. The World of Light is but a breath away and though time is a healer, one always holds the pain of loss close to the heart. Like your mother, we all have to take the smallest of step out into eternal light, there to be greeted by a thousand outstretched hands. In the world of beauty, he will find peace, tranquillity and people whom he has known and loved who have preceded him into eternity. The thoughts, the strength of love will unite you both – because love is the bridge between the Two-Worlds.

Thought is faster than light or sound. In an instant our loved ones are within the corridors of our mind. The mind sees all and is the link, which with love unites all people. Sadly, nowadays there’s too much talk about darkness, ghost and the like. The reality is that the next world is one of light, peace and beauty. Because of this your loved ones are close, possibly closer than you can imagine. So I am sure that your mother will be close to you, still caring, supporting and helping. Perhaps to you through invisible hands, but hands that are a reality, and will one day, in the future, greet you again.

I will send a poem to Spiritualist Resources to be put online, which I received from my spiritual teacher many years ago. The poem was given from my father and is called ‘Grieve not for me’.

Showers of Blessing and Light - Stephen

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