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In their heads
Date: 24 February 2011

I am told often to "get out of my head." Just this evening I text my sister, who lives in another state, if she's pregnant. She and her husband have been kind of trying for almost a year. Today the thought just came to me out of nowhere. Her response was..."get out of my head, I was thinking today that I might be." I don't talk to her on a regular basis. Sometimes we have gone a couple of months without talking, because of our busy lives. Anyway, the thought was just a thought and kept niggling at me. On the other hand there have been numerous occasions with my 16 year old daughter where she says, "mom, get out of my head!" Most recently it was over conditioning her hair. I thought to myself, she's going to ask me to deep condition her hair tonight. Sure enough, that evening after dinner, she asked me. Over the years I have learned to absolutely trust myself when it comes to people. So, much so that one time I was watching the news and there was a story about a young girl who had been abducted and found. She said she had been raped. They didn't show the girl or give her name as she was a minor. My first thought was that she was making it up. Sure enough a couple of days later she confessed that she wasn't where she told her parents she would be so she made the story up to get out of trouble. My question is, I sometimes think maybe I should try to tap into this, then I think I'm being silly. It just happens so often and my husband doesn't bat an eye anymore when I come up with a thought about someone and it's true. Should I try to do something with it? And, if so, how? Oh, years ago I had a dream that my now ex-husband was with a woman who had very long light brown hair. I was dead on!!!

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