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Re: Message from Spirit or My Imagination?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 20 February 2011

Hello Marie

Regarding you spiritual question, my initial thoughts are that if you are in a Development Group, you already have a teacher/mentor. The problem is that I am not your teacher, so I can only give you direction on my own thoughts. I wish not to give any offence to your circle/development leader.

Nonetheless, you question is a simple one. Even if you were to read the first Doris Stokes book, she mentioned the same problem. If the information is repetitive, hearing the same name or description, then it is spiritual communication. Of course your own thoughts come into play; this is why the communicative process is three-way, where the medium is only the bridge.

You are implying that we are speaking about what is often called nowadays Mental Mediumship. I must prefer the words Subjective Clairvoyance/Clairaudience etc. I am taking the view that at this point in time you are a subjective, rather than objective clairvoyant, which means you see within you mind, the form of spirit, more than an appearance of a solid mass.

Additionally, you mention getting it right! No spiritual medium, even those like me with over 30 years experience, get everything right. Mediumship is not a pure-science; we all make mistakes. I have made many. Some people are not on the same vibrational link as the medium. Or some people put up a ‘block’. Others only want a certain message. And like the link on my radio at home, there is often interference. Indeed, there are always problems, particularly when - like yourself - mediums are in the early period of spiritual unfoldement.

You mention imagination. Imagination is the first faculty, without which the world would never have developed, expanded or grown. In the words of George Washington Carver, the American scientist, botanist and educator (1864 - 1943) "where there is no vision – there is no hope".

Finally may I wish you well on your spiritual journey. Hold fast to the spirit and a society of spiritual enlightened people will support your endeavours to help others.

Kindest thought in spiritual unfoldement and enlightenment

In Light and Peace - Stephen

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