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Re: golden keys
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 19 February 2011
In Response To: golden keys (nikki)

Hi Nikki,

Further to your question about the “Golden Keys”: I have been conducting the work of a spiritual medium for over 30 years, and must confess that I have never heard this term. There may of course be someone reading this blog that has, but I have not.

The sad thing is that many things are said without thought, or real knowledge; this could be one of those cases. Yes, I have knowledge of the “Golden Cord” the link that holds the psychical and spiritual bodies, a term not so often referred to nowadays. One excuse that some protagonists of this kind of work use is to present vague description, terminology or to utter superlative adjectives which they or their recipients are unfamiliar with. Here lies a root of many problems: the confusion is hidden in the guise of knowledge, but underlies limited comprehension of the subject we are studying, which is spirituality.

Simplicity is the only “Golden Key” I can think of! Perhaps, if your friend had asked the medium, she may have got an answer. Nonetheless, I feel this was just a passing statement, one which holds little, no real value. My Spiritual Teacher and Mentor Jack Corbett always said ‘accept and reject any knowledge, if it fits and makes sense – accept or simply reject’. So my conclusion is to move on and give the comment no more thought, worry or concern. The World of Light holds no hidden mysteries to those who have compassion, understanding and love.

Showers of Blessings


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