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Re: passing of loved one
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 7 February 2011
In Response To: passing of loved one (stephanie)

Hello Stephanie,

In the first instance may I say how sorry I am to hear about your very sad loss? It is particularly difficult when there has been a long and sustained bond of love between two people. No matter what I say, all I can hope for is to help you through your grieving process and help you to gain strength through spiritual understanding.

It must also be extremely difficult for you with having two children, and having to support their emotional needs, as well as your own. Your husband, like all of us, will move out of this physical life into the World of Light. Once he has made the smallest of steps, into eternal light, he to be greeted by a thousand outstretched hands. In the world of beauty, he will find peace, tranquillity and people who he has known and loved, who have preceded him into eternity. When I first read your question, about who would greet him, when he had passed I received only one word Mother. I cannot give you any more information; this is all that I received. I have just had a photograph shown to me, the significance of which is symbolic, it is a link, a bond. So within your thoughts, the strength of love still unites because love is the bridge between the two-worlds. I have just been given a White Rose, again symbolic of peace for in the old saying, peace cometh after pain.

Blessing of light upon you, with kindest thoughts


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