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Re: What's life like after death?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 7 February 2011
In Response To: What's life like after death? (George)

Hello George

First of all, sorry for the late reply, but I have been on a holiday with my grandson and unfortunately there was no internet access, hence the delay. Generally, I only usually have one, or possibly two questions, so regarding your list I will try to get to the point and be concise. To help I have listed the questions in numerical order.

In the first instance, I believe you are trying to interpret the material with the spiritual. If this is the case you will become confused. My advice is to stand back, and allow your own spiritual capacity to open; gradually you will find your own answers, through spiritual unfoldement. May I suggest you give a little thought to why so many people who throughout the annals of time have sorted spiritual and divine knowledge. People have come from many fields of human endeavours (religious, poetry, writers, politicians, military leaders and countless others) all looking in depth for inspiration and progression through their spiritual capacity. The process is through effort, hard work, study and experience to become enlightened, thus grasping the spiritual as a natural process.

In the first part of your questions you mention talking to the dead! We who are within the concepts of spiritual understanding, Spiritualists or not, do not see our loved ones as dead. Yes, the physical body has returned to the earth. But, the spiritual body, and most importantly the ‘soul’ continues its eternal journey in the World of Light and lives in the realms of peace and harmony. You may think of this as a glib statement, but proof of survival continues to be given all over the world today, and since the dawn of time.

Question 1

Does the spirit see himself/herself as the person that has just died, or are they seeing themselves as younger fitter versions?

Again, you may be looking at this question through a physical standpoint. The physical body is subject to ageing and the rigours of the world we live in. Once one move from this life out into the World of Light how they will see themselves will depend on their own spiritual development. In short, some will have spiritual knowledge and the transition between the two-worlds is easier. For others there is a need for help, support and guidance to gain the equilibrium of eternal life. Those who support and help will encourage newly arrived people, helping them to meet friends and guide them through their brief period of transition.

You mention fitter and younger. In fact age is a measurement of the physical body. Yet, in general terms they will look younger and fitter – they always do to me, when I see them during spiritual communication. Perhaps, if you think of the old physical body as cumbersome, and in many cases when age has taken its toll, now released of pain, in a spiritual or etheric body, one may sense this will be a blessed welcome!

Question 2

Does the spirit see itself wearing the same clothes as when they died?

To understand this question, it may help is you realise that whilst we are on Earth, we are made of three bodies. These are the physical body, the spiritual/etheric body, and of course the source of all things the ‘Soul’ which is given from the hand of Divinity. Generally, new arrivals in the World of Light do tend to wear the same or similar clothes, which are a reflection of the clothing you wear on the earth plane. Not all do. Looking at this life, most people wear what is comfortable, practical and to their individual tastes – it really is a matter of choice.

Question 3

Can they change these clothes?

Like the previous answers, this will depend on the individual’s spiritual awareness and personal development. But, common sense will prevail and people will wear what suits them best.

Question 4

What happens if you drown whilst swimming, do you see yourself always in a bathing costume?

This is similarly, to the previous question. If you wish to wear you swimming costume all of the time I suppose you could, though I doubt it would happen. The reason a person shows themselves through a spiritual medium in a particular garment, is purely because of the purpose of recognition. This is also the case when someone shows themselves with a physical disfigurement, or ailment – the reason is again for recognition of the person, when they were resident in this world. So yes, they can change their clothes, which eventually with progression will be into spiritual gowns. But, only when they have acclimatised to their new surroundings, and moved further into light!

Question 5

How does the spirit see itself after being cremated?

Once you have moved into light, almost everybody is happy to be in a better place and tranquil surroundings. Yet again, may I point out that the body you are presently residing within is only temporary? It is the spirit (the soul) that is supreme.

May I refer to a spiritual philosophy of my teachers? The body is but a house, a most wonderful house, but not as wonderful as the tenant that resides within (the Soul). For the whole world is the tomb of man. Our lives are fashioned on the lives of those people who have gone before us. Our physical body must return to the earth, and become the plankton for future generations, yet the soul is immortal and can never die, so it must return to its true home in the world of light and beauty. One day, we must all leave the body, our earthly home, and move through the doorway of light, to leave the gate of the old homestead slightly ajar, so that we can inter-communicate with our loved who are still left here on earth.

So the cremation of the physical is only the returning to mother earth of what is hers. The immortal soul has moved out into its own celestial setting. The concern now is not our previous home, but the gifts and experience that wait through the great corridors of light, knowledge and spiritual fulfilment.

Question 6

Does the spirit see its "world" from the same angle as in life? In other words are there the same restrictions in seeing from two eyes in a head as there is in life. If there are no restrictions can the spirit see 360 degrees?

This question is one that you should now be asking yourself! Grasping an understanding of the spiritual will open your mind – the ‘mind’ is the key to gaining knowledge and awareness.

We all have the 5 senses. I personally believe that the sixth is an extension of the collective of the others – this is only my own view and perhaps not others. Anyway, ask yourself, have you ever felt anyone looking at you from behind, or felt something behind, or around you but out of your everyday perception? Yes, may be your answer! There lies the answer, which is awareness of your own sensory capacity; you don’t need to have eyes at the back of your head, already you have something inbuilt, which is far better and more reliable – it is something both here and in the next dimension.

Question 7

Does the spirit inhabit a slightly different version of our world?

Yes, they do. Why because the spiritual planes all work upon different or higher vibrational energy fields. An easy way to look at this is to look at the vibrational and wavelength changes within the colours of the rainbow! Violet frequency is 668-789 THz wavelength 380-450nm, Red 400-484THz wavelength 620-750nm.

It is a good job that we have had people like James Clerk Maxwell who discovered that light was an electromagnetic wave, which could propagate through empty space. Additionally, the genius of Michael Faraday, who had previously discovered that light rays were affected by magnetic fields, thus showing that light was somehow related to electricity and magnetism. These two great scientists were truly inspired; my belief is that the inspiration to find these great breakthroughs came from a higher source, from the realms of the World of light.

Question 8

What do spirits DO in their "new world"?

There is much to learn; new opportunities abound beyond our wildest imagination. The World of Light is infinite, even those of us who have gained an insight have only seen the outer realms. Halls of knowledge, grasping the potential we all possess. We have no fear, no pain, no sorrow and a chance to extend our very being. Imagine the support for others in this world, to be able to have perfect health, gain great help and guidance and to follow pursuits that give endless opportunity. The World of Light is supported by spiritual developed people.

The New World as you call it is a community of enlightened souls, who have a common desire to give to others. For this world is a place where jealousy, hatred and prejudice do not exist. Why? Because there is no need for the insecurities that take place in this world, where for many there are shadows, darkness, loneliness and sorrow. Power and control as we know it in this world does not exist. Money, greed, power, control and negativity one soon realises are nothing more than a hindrance to hold you back from the beauty of a world of peace, tranquillity and happiness.

Question 9

Do spirits have any actual physical feelings?

Spiritual people have the memory of psychical pain. You may try this exercise? Think back to a pain you may have had, a broken bone, tooth ache, back ache, all are now gone – but you still have the memory of the pain. The definitive answer is that people in the World of Light do not feel psychical pain, because they are not longer in a physical body.

I have taken all of your questions seriously and hope that you find common themes which may help you upon your journey of life – I wish you well in your spiritual unfoldement.

In Light and Peace


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