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What's life like after death?
Date: 30 January 2011

Dear Stephen

My questions may seem rather antagonistic but I can assure you that I have thought about them and I am not trying to be controversial.

Spiritualists claim they are able to speak to dead. Is this true?

If the answer is true I presume the Spiritualist has now and then asked the "spirit" how do they see themselves.

For example:

Does the spirit see himself/herself as the person that has just died or are they seeing themselves as younger fitter versions?

Does the spirit see itself wearing the same clothes as when they died?

Can they change these clothes?

What happens if you drown whilst swimming? Do you see yourself always in a bathing costume?

How does the spirit see itself after being cremated?

Does the spirit see its "world" from the same angle as in life? In other words are there the same restrictions in seeing from two eyes in a head as there is in life. If there are no restrictions can the spirit see 360 degrees?

Does the spirit inhabit a slightly different version of our world.

What do spirits DO in their "new world"?

Do spirits have any actual physical feelings?

These are serious questions as far as I am concerned so I hope you will treat them in the same way.


George Sign

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