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Re: wedding
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 18 January 2011
In Response To: wedding (morag)

Hi Morag,

I am sorry for a slight delay in getting back to you. But I had to check out a few facts. I am taking the assumption you reside in the United Kingdom. I have asked a friend of mine who is a Minister of the Spiritualist National Union (SNU) for some advice. Though I have also taken weddings, civil ceremonies and funerals, I wanted to get clarification to your specific question.

Even in the United Kingdom, there are variations in Scotland, Wales and possibly Northern Ireland, even with a Minister you will still need a ‘Registrar’ to sanction and legalise your wedding. I am not a Minister, because that is not my personal pathway, though with the weddings I have taken I know that arrangements can be made with your local Spiritualist Church, or Centre. Nonetheless, may I suggest that advanced planning is of the essence, too ensure that all goes well and you can arrange the day, time etc for your special occasion.

If you need to find a Spiritualist Church look at their website www.snu.org.uk (link below) if you prefer a Christian Spiritualist, or an Independent Spiritualist Association, or Church, may I suggest you go through your normal search engine.

Finally, from a man now married for over 42 years may I wish you every happiness for your future.

Kindest thoughts and Showers of Light


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