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Re: I am lost...
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 10 January 2011
In Response To: I am lost... (Angelina)

Hello Angelina,

Many thanks for contacting me. You mention initially that things happen for a reason – like you I also believe this.

There are a few questions to answer. But all seem to point in one direction, which is to attain spiritual development, to gain basic understanding of the natural interaction of the World of Light with those who reside here in the World of Earth. You mention the word ghosts. I do not see shadowy figures, which are often described using your terminology. Once you have gained spiritual knowledge, the problem you appear to have will go away – the quandary stems from fear. With spiritual enlightenment, concern of your spiritual companions will go away. Gaining enlightenment and grasping awareness of those who have moved into our physical energy fields, will help you to realise they provide help, support, by comforting and drying the tears of saddened hearts.

Lack of knowledge builds and increases fear. In the words of my spiritual teacher and mentor Jack Corbet, “fear is a cancer that eats away at the very heart of man”. You also mention the increasing of your emotions. Again, this is part of your spirituality opening. But, you will need to unfold any gifts you have in the right environment, with a spiritual teacher to guide and support you. Please try to remember that all ‘gifts’ are spiritual, the physical body has no gifts; it is the capacity of the ‘Soul’, the eternal light of divinity that possesses the God given gifts we all possess.

Dreams and mental imagery are part of the collective of the Mind; it is the mind that sees and feels all things. Why, because the Mind is the sensory capacity of the Soul, which reaches out to interact in the natural state of communication. Also, the imagination you mention is vital, because imagination is the first faculty. Even so, you have to gain spiritual balance and this will allow you to develop yourself, helping you to move forward. Often the lack of ‘balance when one speaks of imagination’ lends to the problems we have today. We hear so many strange stories, anecdotes and odd statements, made by those who have not reached the essential level of the spiritually enlightened.

I gather you live in Philadelphia in the United States of America. May I suggest that you check out the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, 13 Cottage Row, PO Box 217, Lily Dale, New York 14752, www.nsac.org 716-595-2000. E-mail address: secretary@nsac.org or website http://www.nsac.org. Alternatively, go through your search engine on Spiritualist Churches in Philadelphia there is a list from Allentown to Uniontown.

I wish you well. I believe that you need to find a person with knowledge, understanding and spiritual awareness. You need to talk to a person who you can relate to. But, most importantly, you need to meet a person who can guide you away from fear, to understanding peace and harmony.

Seek and you will find. Light always takes away darkness, doubt and fear.

In Light and Peace,


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