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Re: Where is he?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 26 December 2010
In Response To: Where is he? (Cholena)


First of all, may I say that I am very sorry to hear about your difficult problem of ‘closure’, which is something that many people have trouble with. There is no hard and fast rule to overcoming this sad situation; for some people there is an easier coming to terms with a situation than others. I hear people who do my kind of work say: “they are in better place”. True! But, we all miss the psychical presence of love ones. Even for spiritual mediums like me, the sense of loss is like a scar. A scar, which is easily opened, when one’s thought go back along memory lane to those far off elysian days, while we were with our most loved, when they resident with us here in the ‘World of Earth’.

Regarding your own views of how your own personal life has changed. May I suggest there is nothing from the ‘World of Light’ that will intercede with your daily life? Often people look at a sad event, a period of problems, or a loss, as a turning point. Yes it can be. But, there is nothing to fear from those in ‘light’, for they support, comfort each and every one of us. Each soul in this world has a path to tread, often rocky, arduous, or difficult, yet it is through these endeavours that we gain knowledge, understanding and ultimately the peace we all desire.

I see no correlation between your sister’s birthday and the passing into light of your grandfather. Indeed, my own grandfather passed from this life on my 7th birthday, my first real encounter with physical death. Yet a point, for me to advance my knowledge, not for it to hold me back in the shadows of fear, superstition or sorrow. The one thing that you ask for is knowledge. Knowledge takes away fear: “for fear is like a cancer that eats away at the very heart of man”! I am sure that all of those who you have known, and loved who have moved out into the celestial light, wish and support you – just ask and open your mind to light! Light always conquers darkness and through the light you will move forward. You have taken the first and most important step – you have asked!!!

Finally please try not to feel guilt. Guilt is a safeguard, or safety net, of the mind. Guilt is vital, a point where you are capable of knowing and doing right from wrong. You have a life ahead, so move forward away from the shadows, and victory will crown your success.

Showers of Light and Blessings


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