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Re: pet spirits and souls
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 4 December 2010
In Response To: pet spirits and souls (Mary Beth)

Hello Mary Beth,

The love one keeps and holds for a pet can often be far greater, because of the interaction we have with the animal world.

Like you, I have seen my family pets leave this world. If you realise that all living things have an ‘Aura’, which is an electro-magnetic force field, then you know that energy cannot be killed, or destroyed. It simply changes. All of humanity and our beloved pets are subject to change, and change happens to us all, when we leave this world and enter into the Gates of Eternity.

Suddenly last year I had the sadness you are experiencing, when our Persian cat Bart passed over. Over the years I have had chocolate and yellow Labradors, and a black and white cat when I was a very small boy. I have been fortunate to see them through objective clairvoyance. Yes, they were as real as real can be! Alive and active yes - and they await us, just a step away in the Eternal World of Light. The bridge between you and your black Labrador is through your grief and trauma.

The grief you feel is an expression of your love, and love is the bridge between the Two-Worlds, the link that will keep you together. Your Labrador will be well, cared for and awaiting you, when eventually you, like all of us, complete the earthly cycle of physical life and enter into the Realms of Eternity - together again at peace - for all time!

I have attached an annotation; perhaps this will help? I received this from my spiritual teacher and mentor many years ago, after my yellow Labrador Suzie had just passed into light. Incidentally, Suzie passed two days after my wife’s Grandmother. I took her funeral. I am sorry to say that at the end of the funeral my thoughts were with Suzie. Why? Simply because I was closer to her. This may sound unusual, but it is the truth.

Please find below the spiritual teaching called the Saddened Heart. The references were given through trance, from one of my spiritual teacher's guides, with reference to my own great centennial light in the last sentence of the footnote - I hope the words help.

The Saddened Heart

Don't be afraid of life, for life is the servant of the spirit, and so life must be to obey the purpose of the spirit. Do not let life get you down, hold up your head and say that you have everything within you to deal with every situation that may come your way. You may not know the outcome, or result of any given situation. All you know is that you have to do this now and that you will be given all the power to deal with it.

Spiritual purpose takes no account of material values, even when the heart is sad, as it is today and I am aware of it. I draw you to myself and comfort you, as I would a child of mine. Although you say at times you feel isolated and alone, all around you, friends from our life, are sending out all sorts of help to you. I assure you that you are being fed spiritually and gradually the feeling of joy and peace will be returned to you. Remember, victory crowns a well-fought fight - peace comes after pain. All that you love will always remain with you, for love is stronger than death; my personal love walks with you for all time.

I am happy to be able to talk to you through my medium, be of good cheer dearest friend and (brother). I send you greetings from the great Thundercloud. Do not forget us as you go forward in life.

Given to Jack Corbett from his Spirit Guide Chan Woo for Stephen Wakeling (after the passing of my yellow Labrador Suzie) on the 5th of November 1984.

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