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Re: Spiritualism and Church of Scotland: Do the departed ones go to Heaven before the Final Day?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 14 September 2009

Hi Vicki

Many thanks for your e-mail. There are a few questions. I will try to answer them within my spiritual capacity. All religions and even those who are none-believers, have a pathway on which they move through this earthly life. Whichever pathway we on often depends upon where we were born, and who our family are and their beliefs. I was christened into the Church of England, now a Spiritualist. I have no ties to orthodox religion, choosing more a spiritual pathway. I am not a seeker of any religion, because they have doctrinarians' and form their own rules and regulations. Spirituality to me flows through all things and the movement of life operates naturally between the two-worlds, as such these interactions have operated since the dawn of time. This interaction of people from light to earth and vice-versa is a portal for all people, believers or not, it is a natural law. Those of one belief, or religion, deem they are right and others are wrong, this is a miss interpretation of the natural law of life. It is not what you say you are, but what you are to others. Religion holds power, and power if in any way is miss used, will lead to corruption.

I am not saying that anyone is wrong, but the interaction and communication of loved ones in heaven, or as I say, in the 'World of Light' is open through this natural process. All religions have truths, but are often at odds with other beliefs, this is why I look at eastern religions because like Sikhism or Buddhism they are tolerant and look further, thus gain enlightenment.

My conclusion is let your family follow which pathway suits them best, be it religion, or none-belief, this is their individual choice. But I can assure you that communication between people from the two-worlds will always happen.

At Spiritualist Church's I agree there are not many children who attend. There is a Lyceum (like a Sunday School), but it is something that I am not in to. Often people attend Spiritualist Churches because of interest, seeking knowledge, or because they have lost a love-one. I feel that in many cases children may be encouraged to move into mediumistic work too soon. I feel we must live first. I may be wrong, but I believe that the young should enjoy their youth, seek out life, with spirituality and knowledge used as supports and guidance.

I hope this helps but please remember that the contact between the two-worlds is through the 'mind', and the mind is spiritual energy that manifests itself through the physical body, and the brain is a element of the physical.

Yours in Light and Peace




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