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Intense Experience
Date: 1 December 2010

Hi Stephen,

Please can you help me to understand what happened to me in the circle. I have been going to the spiritual church development class for 5 months and prior to this (in class) have seen lights, violet flashes, quick glimpses of shadows a flash of 2 ladies stood behind someone and received a mini movie & information regarding a photograph i was looking at.

This time i had a really intense feeling of spirit being right behind me & a very cold sensation (like a pipe of realy cold air was being blown at the bottom of my back). I experienced pain in face and a strange sensation as if my cheeks were moving (a rippling sensation at both sides). I also felt a strange sensation in the whole of my body. I felt very spaced out and when someone spoke to me was able to hear and answer but was aware this was not at a normal level then slipped straight back into the deeper level.

I saw a dark mist with wings in it zipping round the outside of the circle. Strong images flooded my mind & a message come out of my mouth. The group leader understood the message and as she was speaking to me i saw she had a intense glow round the whole of her body like in the ready break advert and behind her i glimpsed the shadow of a person with the head of a animal. Later she told me she had seen the mist.

The medium in front of me was picking up a man with chest pain. I too got chest pain and a numb sensation in my arm and suddenly the full man was standing close to me. I saw him as clearly as i would see a person.

I also saw a ultraviolet ball of energy and a ultraviolet square within a square which was just above the carpet about the size of the heel of a mans shoe. The square did a few hopping movements then disappeared.

The pain in my face lasted the whole time i was in the circle and afterwards i had a headache for about two hours. The voice who always helps me was not there.

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