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Re: I see spirit & spirit light
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 31 October 2010
In Response To: I see spirit & spirit light (gina and ian)

Hello Gina,

I read with interest you growing awareness of spiritual matters. Some people believe we see spirit, but I much prefer my spiritual teacher’s observation, in that we only see the ‘form of spirit’. Why is this? Because in its purest sense, we really only see the spiritual garment, for within is the eternal light, the true essence of all things, the soul, given to us by divinity. Nonetheless, you are starting to open your mind, and it is the mind that sees the glory of the greater day, which is eternity.

Lamps going off and on, colours and observance of changes, in my early days, similar things happened to me. Nowadays, there are many who place these sort of things at the door of the paranormal. I find that strange, again because you are only opening the doorway of your mind, noticing spiritual matters, and accepting the natural interaction of those from the World of Light.

You also refer to a development group, this can be the making, or breaking, of your spiritual aspirations. It is important that you have a group of people who work for each other; watch out for jealousy and negativity as these will set you back, because your sensitivity will be open to changing energies. If the energy field you are developing in is not conducive to your own spirituality, you will become aware very quickly. If this is the case, look for another development group, but above all else, you need a knowledgeable, genuine, understanding and spiritual teacher/mentor. With your spiritual teacher, you will need to meet a person who will help and support your spiritual journey and to assist you to grasp the important stepping-stones in mediumship.

May I suggest that you ask yourself a very simple, yet most important question: “Why do you want to be a spiritual medium”? The answer can only be your own; the answer is really, really important, because in this work you will be sorely tested, not by spirit, but by the material elements that surround us all. I wish you well for the endeavours, the difficulties are many, but the rewards are of the highest. You ask about the future and what I see. Nothing. I am a spiritual medium and not a psychic, or fortune-teller. The future is your destiny, seek and you will find, light will attract light, go forward in peace in your quest to give service to others.

One final point is when mediums tell you about contacting spirit. Be assured, it is not you, but those of ‘light’ who will be making contact. But, listen to the voice within and your confidence will grow with the bond that you build with your spiritual companions.

Nurture Strength of Spirit!

In Light and Peace - Stephen

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