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Spiritual Work in California (Part 2): California, a Spiritual Doorway - Feedbacks from the 3 events
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 27 October 2010

Throughout our physical life, we all have hopes, desire and aspirations. In our earthly quest, we occasionally hit a closed or blocked door. Often, in our desire to move forward, we push and push at the door in front of us. If the door is closed, it may be forced, and forced until it eventually opens and we enter through it.

In our mind, we may feel that this doorway is right for us, even though we can’t without energy, effort and force, push past it. In these instances, we so often find a place that is not right for us, and we are left with unhappiness, or even sorrow. But just occasionally, yes just occasionally, a door unlocks and a new opportunity opens for us. This opening can be one which yields fruit, leading into a wider avenue of opportunity, experience and understanding.

One such avenue, opened through a spiritual video made for me by a very good friend, Jonny Green, an international video and eBusiness entrepreneur, who lives and works in a district of Nottingham called Beeston. The video is a factual ‘as it comes’ taken on a ‘one-shot-one-take’ agreement, which gives an insight into the work of spiritual mediumship.

The video was placed onto my website, and in a short period of time, was noticed by Sarah whose spiritual work is the catalyst for spiritualistresources.com, and so has started a very special spiritual relationship. The friendship has grown and developed with this very special lady, initially in Canada, ultimately leading me to a highly successful spiritual adventure and tour of California. So, from not even an idea of a new opening, Sarah has created a portal into an unexpected spiritual avenue of excitement, experience and development. One spiritually inspired person, who has made a thought, long in my mind, to go to America, becoming a reality. Why? Because we are all where we are meant to be, all of us, on the wheel of life, each at different points, finding new opportunities and working through the fabric of spirit for the betterment of the whole.

Without Sarah and her spiritual capacity, I would not have met so many wonderful people in California. I have been able to make new friends and spiritual companions, through a doorway that was opened, at the right time, by all of the right people.

A special, special thank you to everyone, but especially to Sarah of “Spiritualist Resources” for making it all happen, because without her it most certainly wouldn’t have!

Thanks you for your tireless efforts to support those who are within the ‘World of Eternal Light’, and the support of humanity in its quest for spiritual knowledge, balance and peace.

Showers of Blessings - Stephen

Feedback from California

Dennis Peterson

”I liked his ability to allow no dead time. He was talking about anecdotal life until interrupted by spirit and then he gave the message. When the message stopped he continued with his anecdote. He was able to keep everyone focused and paying attention. He was/ is a smooth speaker”
(Source HGSA website)

Beverlee Gopp

”Stephen was great! He had great stories, was funny and gave messages to a lot of people. Sometimes it was hard to understand him with his accent when he got excited and spoke fast. Thank you for bringing him to Harmony Grove!”
(Source HGSA website)

Jane Kolar

“Phenomenal! This is something I would like to see more of at these meetups. This man was accurate on all points with me. He spoke of back and knee problems and then gave a name of someone not in spirit, Tracey, who happens to be my dear friend and a soon-to-be doctor of oriental medicine.

He got my dad's cousin who was in the Pacific during WWII with the Navy, my husband who died of lung cancer (also a sailor), and my husband's mother and/or stepfather (Thompson last name and my mother-in-law was born a Thompson, too) as well as their best friend, Ruby.

I'd say that's pretty darn good evidence!”
(Source HGSA website)

Reba Morrison

“I loved this meetup. It was very insiteful and Stephen Walking is very warm and funny! He was right on with the reading that he gave my mother and father!”
(Source HGSA website)

Annie Psychic Medium

“Stephen and his wife were delightful. Very interesting style, and seemed to be very accurate”.
(Source HGSA website)


“He was wonderful, witty, funny, and poetic. His delivery was true to style of his amazing British Mediumship Demonstration.
Evidentially giving lots of connections, names, illnesses, and locations in a continuous flow throughout the group.

Looking forward to our next Meet-Up @ HGSA, as they are all enlightening!”
(Source HGSA website)


“Awesome. He has clear sight with a warm and funny sense of humor, a gift for all of us”
(Source HGSA website)

Julie Hallett

Hi Steven

I went with a friend to Harmony Grove Spiritualist I have never seen anything like you the message were amazing, how do you do it?

To keep working for 2 hours, messages, poems, fun & laughter and all of those illnesses and where people are having pain you were so specific to the points on their backs, necks, head, toes – well I would say you were amazing and out of this world – really hope people realize and you come back from England to Southern California.

Julie Hallett from Via Vera Cruz, San Marcos, CA
(Source Facebook)

Maria Esparza

Hello Stephen

I was at El Segundo, sitting at the back I am sorry that I had to leave early to see my children.

Personally I did not get a message I did not need one your presentation, style and the inspired poem at the end, did everything for me. Excellent a standard above anything I have ever seen - there is no doubting the existence of eternal life – Fabulous evidence I hope we meet in the future

Maria Esparza El Segundo LA California
(Source message via Twitter)

Dan Rojas

Saw you at El Segundo I was the little man at the back who you gave a brief message to.

A real pick me up made me realize some things about my life and the name you gave was spot on. Hope you come back to LA!

Dan Rojas - 138th Street Jim Thorpe Park Hawthorne Los Angeles CA
(Source Facebook)

Miguel Ribbon

Hi, my name is Miguel.

We met today. I just want to say thank you for give some messages from my father in law to my wife Nicolette.

I am very pleased to meet you.
Thank You!

Miguel - Gardena LA California
(Source Facebook)

David Brzezinski

Hello Stephen

I attended you meeting at The Eternal Light in Garden LA. It was a most remarkable morning I only wish I could have had a private reading, didn’t realize you did them till I checked your site.

Hope we meet again – you were amazing a great light!!!!

David Brzezinski - North Valley Manhattan Beach LA
(Source e-mail)

David Rosettio

Hi to you Stephen

I have only just found your e-mail and website. I was in the audience at your Harmony Grove Spiritualist Meetup a few weeks ago. Absolutely great, your humor, quick wit and polished speaking not to say those wow messages.

I just spoke quickly to you on the night; you will not remember me there were too many others around. When are you coming back my friends would love to have a talk with you – we loved your English style – great!

Hope to meet you again

David Rosettio - Talmadge – San Diego CA
(Source e-mail)

Carlo Perez

Hi Stephen

Just simple thanks for a great meeting in LA. Best style I have seen loved the messages though I didn’t get one directly but the smiles on folk’s faces was enough. England must have some wow mediums if you are anything to go by, truly great - 1st class!!

Carlo Perez - Los Angeles CA
(Source e-mail)

First United Spiritualist Church of Gardena

Hello Stephen & Linda,

I am so glad to hear you are back and rested. You were so wonderfully gracious to come to us at First United Spiritualist Church, Gardena in Los Angeles, and many have said how much they truly enjoyed your talk and your messages.

I would be glad to allow you to post a link to First United Spiritualist Church on your website. I am working to have it revamped and hope to have things going next week. I will send you the links then, so you can have access to more current information than is there now.

I look forward to working with you again. Hopefully, we can figure out how to work together virtually, and that way we won't have a long wait before we can enjoy your beautiful spiritual energy that you and Linda bring.


Take care, and stay in touch, in love, peace, and blessings without end.

Reverend Sharon Sanders

First Spiritualist Church of Gardena
Los Angeles

Below: Stephen and Rev. Sharon Sanders, First Spiritualist Church of Gardena

The Eternal Light Centre of Hope, El Segundo

Hello Stephen

It was such a pleasure having you with us at El Segundo. The staff and my parishioners really enjoyed and appreciated your spiritual work


Thanks again with your time with us.

Give my best to your wife.

Reverend Pat Lang

The Eternal Light Centre of Hope
El Segundo
Los Angeles

Below: Stephen and Linda Wakeling (sitting) with Reverend Pat Lang

Foot note

For the purpose of personal privacy I have omitted certain details from the text, to protect the individual’s words. Additionally, to also and ensure that my personal ego is where it should be, still a million miles away from the great knowledge of the Golden Light and the Divine presence.

In Light and Peace