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Re: spirit world
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 16 October 2010
In Response To: spirit world (julie)

Hello Julie

I am really sorry to hear of your sad news about your father. It is very difficult to get over any loss, but with tragic circumstances, the sorrow can often last for a greater length of time. People may say that our loved ones are in a better place; nevertheless, we miss the physical presence. Not seeing your father at the Chapel of Rest is better for you. Try to remember him when he shone; he has a light within your heart, a light that will never fade or be lost.

You mentioned saying to your father that you will meet again. Yes, you will. Perhaps for some people it is a longer wait as there are difficulties, barriers and restrictions. But, with positive thought and a willingness to ‘seek’ you have made a major step forward, and I am sure contact will be made. Spiritual knowledge, Spiritual Churches or Centres are a gateway. Yet, there are other ways, often through dreams, which is a portal for you father to reach you, and give you assurance of his continuity of life in the world of light, peace and beauty.

May I assure you that you will have done nothing wrong, your father will be at peace, and peace is something that he will wish for you. You mother may have seen your father; this is not unusual. Perhaps with your personal distress, he has experienced difficulty in contacting you, but he and those in light will find a way, a way that is easier through your own spiritual awareness. You will not have done anything wrong, those who have entered into eternity, live, think and act above and beyond the restrictions held within this material world of which we reside in.

The final points you mentioned about having something around you: This may be a sad reflection of all of this growth in things that are supernatural, like ghosts. Personally it all mystifies me. I have yet to see, meet, or embrace, anything, or a person from the next world who has not come back to give light, peace, happiness, knowledge and like your father unconditional love – the great link between the ‘Two-Worlds’. So be assured there is nothing that will harm you; your father will protect and care for you until you are reunited in the Eternal Light!

If you have difficulty in finding a Spiritualist Church/Centre, look through the pages of Spiritualist Resources. Look for a place that is close and try to go there with an open-mind. Contact may not be immediate, but seek and you will find!

In Light and Peace


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